Time for another installment of theΒ  365 photo challenge. I’m pretty happy with most of them!


The Nerdy Fox
Sunset // 1
The Nerdy Fox
Sunset // 2
The Nerdy Fox
Sunset // 3
The Nerdy Fox
Bird Feeder // 1
The Nerdy Fox
Bird Feeder // 2
The Nerdy Fox
The Nerdy Fox
Shoes & Pokemon Socks
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 1
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 2
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 3
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 4


Which one is your favorite this week? Mine is my Purple Passion Plant (Plants // 3)


Heather is a 29 year old Social Media specialist that enjoys writing, reading, video games, and nerdy things in general. She has two children, 3 dogs, and a handful of chickens. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Tolkien, and the Harry Potter universe.


  1. I love the striped insides of your shoes. And that purple plant photo is quite lovely!

  2. I love Birdfeeder #2 with the wing spread. That’s great!! And I”m always a sucker for sunset pictures. Beautiful colors.

  3. Samantha&Bev@REinspired Decor

    Love the close-up detail of the purple passion plant and also the 2nd bird feeder pic, perfect timing!

  4. Fernanda Reis

    Nice pictures! I love the plants!! =D

  5. I like the bird feeder #2 with the bird caught in flight shot!

  6. I love your photos! The 2nd bird feeder one is my fave! It looks so pretty where you live πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful photos! The sunsets are stunning, but my fave is the same as yours…the purple passion plant. Love the colors and the composition!

  8. I take all my pictures with a Sony A55 – it’s a smaller DSLR but works out well for what i use it for. I’m hoping to get a instax soon. I think it’d add an fun element to my pictures. πŸ™‚

  9. Those sunset photos are amazing! Do you have a favorite camera for taking snapshots like these?

  10. Normally, I am a Nikon girl through and through but I sold my Nikon and have been exclusively using my Sony A55 – It’s enjoy it. Eventually, I will be going back to Nikon, though.

  11. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous. You just get a warm feeling looking at them. I also LOVE succulents, they’re so much fun to take pictures of too.

  12. I love the plant one you mentioned as well as the last sunset one. Some gorgeous photos! What kind of camera do you use?


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