About Me


Hey there! I’m a part-time blogger and a full-time social media expert. I have several side hustles that range from lipstick (Lipsense is seriously amazing, guys. You don’t even know.), to soap, to haircutting, to photography. All in all, I’m a quirky, quiet girl that generally likes being alone. I am passionate about Jesus, writing, and photography. I have two kids, Chanel (9) and Trowa (5). My parents recently adopted 3 children, Faith (13), Savannah (7), and Kody (6). I have 2 dogs – Emily the Schnauzer and Charlie the Dachshund. I have 5 chicken, they’re frizzles and bantums, Doug, Odus, Wonka, Zuma, and Bing Bong. My house is generally a zoo! 

I enjoy: 

  • Dr. Pepper, Wine, Coffee
  • Halloween
  • Planners, Journals, Stationary
  • Pajamas, Dresses, and Warm Socks
  • Books, Books, and more Books 

I dislike:

  • Unplanned and unorganized events
  • Being unprepared for the cold 
  • When my coffee sits too long and gets cold 
  • When I forget my hair tie
  • Not having my nails painted


Questions? Go ahead and shoot me an email contact@thenerdyfox.com!