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I’m in a constant struggle of what I want to do with my hair. Do I want it long? Yes. Do I want it short? Yes. Do I want it colorful? Yes. Do I want it natural? Yes. Do you see the problem? I want all of the things. So… I sat down and was like, “let’s get serious about this hair situation.” 



I did a thing….

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This is my hair a couple of weeks ago, straightened. Right after I used Ion Color Brilliance on my hair. It washed out after 2 washes. I wouldn’t recommend that product, like at all. Anyway, this gives you an idea of how long my hair is right now. I’ll be posting more pictures of my hair when it’s not straightened, probably on instagram


So, I’m going to grow my hair out. I want long mermaid hair. Why am I telling you this? Because you are going to hold me accountable for my hair growth. Yay! 

But wait, there’s more. 

I want -healthy- hair

I’ve compiled a list of things that I am going to do and products I’m going to use to ensure that. 

  • Kick the sulfates.  I’m not going to use any sulfates in my hair. This isn’t too big of a deal because I’ve already made the switch to no sulfates. I didn’t  even mean to do this one but I did. Mostly because I’m obsessed with the Not Your Mother’s hair products so I gradually made the switch over and didn’t even realize I was cutting out sulfates. 
  • Little to No Heat. Okay, this one is going to be the hardest for me. I have wavy hair. I generally straighten it because if I don’t it ends up being a big poofy mess. But, Alabama is hot and I hate blow drying my hair because you just end up sweating and getting your hair all gross again anyway… So Little to no heat. Preferably no heat. 
  • Deep Condition/Hair Mask. I’m sometimes really good about putting in a hair mask or deep conditioner but I’m more than often not… So i’m going to try and do this at least once a week. I have really dry hair (Thanks, wavy hair… and bleach.) so I’m not worried too much about over conditioning it. 
  • No Color – Easy enough I haven’t really colored my hair in months. I put some pink Ion in a couple weeks ago but it’s already gone and it’s a non-damaging kind of dye (Like Manic Panic) so, this one will be super easy to follow. 
  • Hair Safe Accessories – No elastics, metal, etc. I use the hair ties without the metal connector already and hardly use bobby pins. I put my hair up while I sleep – usually on top of my head. That’s generally the only time my hair is up. Unless it’s super hot and then it goes up in a bun. 
  • Drink More Water/Take Vitamins. I’m so bad at vitamins. I’m horrible at it, actually. I take so many allergy medicines and asthma medicines that I hate the idea of taking another pill. But, I’m going to take my vitamins regularly. I’ve made an alarm on my phone even! I cut out soda a long time ago so I have been drinking a lot of juice and water already but I’m going to actively watch my water intake. 


Things I’m already doing for my hair

  • Boar Bristle Brush – These kinds of brushes naturally condition hair. I don’t brush my hair very often because it’s a combination of curly/wavy and when I do, it becomes a big poof of frizz. But, boar bristle brushes reduce the frizz and can even help cut back on the need for frequent washings. Pretty cool, eh? I love mine.

  • Leave-in Conditioner – This is actually the only product I use in my hair. Crazy, right? I don’t use any curl product or anything, just leave-in conditioner. I can’t stand my hair feeling producty so I am super careful about what I put in my hair. 


    • Washing less often – I was my hair about once every three or so days. I can sometimes push it out more if my hair doesn’t look too bad. It was really easy for my to do this because I don’t have naturally oily hair so my hair doesn’t get that greasy look very often. I have no advice on how to do this, other than plan on having your hair up and investing in some dry shampoo if you have oily hair. 


Do you have any hair tips for me? Let me know below 


Gettin’ Personal

It’s almost 11 PM here. I’m normally asleep like 3 hours ago. 


Me: *lays down to sleep* 

Brain: “You know what would be a great blog post?”

Me: “No. I don’t want to know. I want to sleep. Stop. Shh.” 

Brain: “You can call it ‘Gettin’ Personal’ ….” 

Me: *cries* “No, please let’s not do this right now. Just remember it for tomorrow. Deal??”

Brain: “Okay but, listen…. ” 


Literally what just happened to me. I spend all day not having an idea about blogging and here I am, in bed, glasses off… trying to sleep, with a laptop in my lap typing out this nonsense. 

So, since I was in bed, or rather… am in bed, I was thinking of all the things that you guys search about me on my blog. I figured why not give you those answers in one lovely little post. 

What you’ve searched for:

How tall am I?  I’m actually pretty tall for a girl. I’m 5’6″ and on Sundays I like to wear high heels that make me taller than most guys. I enjoy it. It makes me slightly intimidating… or it would if I didn’t look so sweet. I have resting nice face — I’d kill for resting bitch face. 

Underwear – Like I’ve said previously, some of you are creepers. It’s okay, I understand. But since you’re searching for my panties on my blog, let me tell you that I’m not going to post anything of that nature on my blog. I’ll post about cute pokemon underwear, and probably about my boob job but that’s about all you’re going to get out of me. Actually, this could be a total innocent search and someone is just trying to find the undies that I’ve post about before… Sorry for calling you a creeper. I’m standing by my original assumption though, because panties is one of the more kosher words searched for that fall into the um, genre. 

Boyfriend- This one SLAYS ME. Also, the term “Adrian” which means that it was someone that knows me personally searching for it. Adrian and I broke up a long time ago. It hurt, a lot. I’m better now, thanks for asking. As for a boyfriend – as of right now, technically I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m in a “thing” with someone. Whatever that means. Whenever that’s … facebook official (because it’s not real if you’re not facebook official, right?) I’ll let you know. Or not. I don’t know. Dating is awkward and hard and I’m way better at relationships than awkward dating. And I kind of don’t want to bring up boys on my blog unless it’s like, going somewhere… you know? Does that answer that question? 

Middle Name? My middle name is Dawn. For a long time it bothered me because everyone else in my family has a “lene” middle name – Jolene, Marlene, etc  and I was the only girl with the boring middle name. Now that i’m older I kind of like my name. Heather Dawn. It’s pretty, I suppose. 


That’s the most searched for things – did I miss something? Ask away below! 

What I’ve been up to…


What have I been up to?

Work. Lots of work. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually talked about work on my blog. I work as a web designer. Did you guys know that?  I’m designing a pretty website for a church. It’s beautiful and I’m pretty pleased with it. I work three days a week for them. I also am doing the Farmer’s Market this year for Cheaha Soaps so every single Thursday, I’m at the Farmer’s Market… Selling soaps. 

When I’m not working, I’m wrangling my children and the new younglings. It’s officially summer break around here. So we’re desperately waiting for the pool to open so we can live there for the rest of the summer. Seriously. Maybe this year I’ll even get a tan! Hahaha jk. I don’t tan. I sunburn. 🙂 So far we’ve been to a snake show and gotten to hold an alligator. 

13241404_10154144059303913_4569231399406641035_n 13265833_10154144058683913_7815754385038030796_n 13256407_10154144058253913_1083579924807109308_n13256400_10154144059633913_8377460800011674152_n


How fun is that? Slightly terrifying, but fun! I’ve never been to a snake show where you get to hold an alligator. 



We also had graduations – Preschool and Kindergarten. 




13247750_10154136900353913_2443608727602764013_o 13254919_10154136897798913_1150658556152743675_o








So so sweet. They were so excited to have their little programs. 


I’m actually really glad that it’s summer break, I’m sick of waking up at 5 every single morning. You feel me?  That’s all I’ve been up to, really. 

Just working and kids. That’s my life now. 😛 


What have you been up to?

Plus You Have An Amazing Blog

“Plus you have an amazing blog.” She said to me. 

Mentally I winced but replied, “Oh, thank you! I do love my blog.” (Wincing again – knowing full well that I’m terrible at blogging lately.) Here I am, just a little nobody blogger that has readers that like my blog. It’s insane. It blows me away every single time. I’m not used to people reading my blog and then telling me about it… it’s humbling. 


About three things I am absolutely positive. 

First, Edward was a vampire. …. Wait, no, that’s not where this is going. Awkward.

Second, I do actually love my blog. 

Third, I sit down to write and I literally have no idea where to go from there. 

Seriously, I love blogging. I love and adore writing. It’s my first passion. I’ve said that a thousand times. I adore writing and reading. I actually had someone come up to me the other day and ask me if I was a writer – that’s a story for another blog entirely – but it showed me that I obviously come off as a writer, I just need to buckle down and write. I need to find my passion for writing again. 

Let’s expand on that last one, shall we? I have plenty of things to write about. I mean, my parent just got three kids. That right there deserves a blog in and of it’s self. I’m just not sure where to start these days. My blog started out a lot more video game intensive and very little personal stuff. I’m not so sure that fits me any more. So I feel guilty and I don’t write anything because I feel like it’s not what you guys want to read. I want to stay true to myself but still write about things that you find enjoyable. Because a blog is nothing without it’s readers. So time for the big question – If I were to write about anything, what would it be? What are you favorite types of posts from my blog? What brings you back to my blog and what do you want to see more of? Is there something you don’t like? (aside from my lack of posting. ) Seriously, tell me in the comments because I am in desperate need of inspiration of where to take this blog and what my readers would like me to do with it. 

Things I Love Thursday {Wine Jelly}


The Nerdy Fox

Welcome to Things I Love Thursday (TILT) – a weekly roundup of things I’ve found on the internet that I love! Be sure to stop over at Kimi Who and read her post. She’s pretty much the coolest chick and my blog BFF! Just a few reminders – you can write your post on any day, it doesn’t have to be Thursday! We love looking through everyone’s posts and seeing what we’ve missed this week on the internet. Use the hashtag #TILT and tag us (@WhoisKimi and @TheNerdyFoxBlog on Twitter. @KimiWho and @TheNerdyFoxBlog on Instagram)  Make sure you get that button on your post and link up with us! Tag me (@thenerdyfoxblog) in your TILT tweet and I’ll retweet you! (Or share it on Facebook if you tag me!)



I gotta tell you guys something…. Moscoto jelly is a thing. So is Sangria jelly. Yes, they’re real. They’re delicious and I cannot get enough of them. My friend, that I haven’t actually met yet, makes them and has a kickstarter going on right now to help her secure a kitchen so she can move out of what is called a cottage license. Right now she can’t sell to resturants, online, wholesale… anything like that. I know she’s posted about it on various websites and spreading the word about her kickstarter. 



This kickstarter would cover the cost of licensing, the provision of a state certified kitchen, employees to help her get everything done, business insurance, supplies, ingredients, travel costs for potential clients.  Plus she’d be able to get into awesome larger farmer’s markets like Pepper Place market. (THE DREAM!) 

She has 8 days left on the kickstarter and is only at $4,315 out of $25,000 – click here for the link 

The jellies I’ve tried are 

-Moscoto – This one had a really great flavor. It was the first one I tasted and I was pleasantly surprised that it was just like the wine. 

-Sangria – By far my favorite one. It is yummy and has the best flavor. I seriously could just eat this one out of the jar by the spoonful. It’s SO GOOD!

– Pinot Grigio – I’m not a huge fan of Pinot Grigio wine normally. This jelly had a light wine flavor. 

-Chardonnay – I just have had a small taste of this one because I’m saving it for some recipes that I want to try. It also has a light wine flavor like the Pinot Grigio. 

They’re all delicious! My favorites are Sangria and Moscoto (of course, those are my favorite wines, too!) and I’ve eaten spoonfuls of them plain. I’ve stalked her blog and found some great recipes to try with them this weekend. Let me tell you guys, you don’t even know how yummy these are. Um, Hello – Chardonnay Jelly Vinaigrette, anyone?? Yum. 

So far I’ve had them with cream cheese and wheat thins. I can’t wait to try some new things with these jellies and get more. I’m seriously obsessed with them. 

Follow Sasha on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her Blog — and of course, PLEASE support her kickstarter. It’s so worth it.


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Makeup Brush and Bag Haul

Perhaps a little known fact about me on my blog here is that I love makeup. I have more than I know what to do with, if we’re being honest here. I’ve always been pretty into makeup… I blame it on 15 years of dance competitions and recitals. I was recently contacted by Soho Beauty about reviewing some of their products. Of course I was all about that! They wanted to send me their Wonder Woman makeup bag set! YES! I love and adore Wonder Woman! But, they also sent me their Disney Princess brush collection — You guys. I can’t even begin to tell you how in love with them I am. I am super particular about makeup brushes. I’ve tried so many out there and there are very few brushes that I enjoy using. Plus you can’t go wrong with Disney Princess brushes. I mean, come on! They’re adorable. 

Set of Wonder Woman Makeup Bags
Set of Wonder Woman Makeup Bags

So, I actually used these for our Mini Vacation to Graceland. I’m pretty pleased with how much the big bag can hold. I put my makeup in that one, the clear bag had our toothbrushes in it, and the small bag had some girly products. The small one is still in my purse and I love it! 

The set of Disney Princess brushes
The set of Disney Princess brushes

The brushes I got were – “Fairy Sponges”, these are part of Aurora’s collection. They’re blending sponges. Merryweather is the blue egg shaped one – used to gradually build coverage. Flora, the pink sponge, is for detailing — like for under eye concealer, etc. Fauna, the green sponge, is for large area coverage — forehead, cheeks, etc. The next box was the “Enchanted Beauty Kabuki Brush” – I was so excited about this brush. I lost my old Kabuki brush and this one is beautiful. The Tiana brushes – brow shaping (YAY!), tweezers, and a lash comb. I have naturally light, light, LIGHT blonde eyebrows (they’re also very small)  and eyelashes so I have to compensate with eyebrow color and dark mascara. The Mulan brushes are double-sided eyeshadow brushes – a fluff and liner brush, a crease and detail brush, and a brow shaping brush. The Cinderella brushes are a face band base brush – for bronzer, etc and an eye express refresh brush – for highlights on eye or blending out any harsh lines. The purple box is Jasmine. Her brushes are a complexion perfecting bush for foundation and blending and a highlight brush for, well, highlighting. 

The details of the packaging.
The details of the packaging.
All the brushes out of the package!
All the brushes out of the package!
Details of the brushes.
Details of the brushes.

Disney Brushes 5



Something I really love about these brushes are the little princess details. Belle’s has a rose, Jasmine has the lamp, Tiana has a frog, Cinderella has a glass slipper. I LOVE that. I don’t have any complaints about any of these brushes .. which is interesting because like I said, I am very particular about my makeup brushes. I’ve been using them for just shy of a month and they’re perfect. They’re soft, the bristles don’t fall out, they clean up nicely. There were brushes that I didn’t have yet that I have been wanting to get, so it makes my makeup routine that much better in the mornings! Plus, they’re so pretty. I love how pretty they are. Each set really embodies the princesses. My favorite two favorite Disney princesses are Belle and Aurora. I would have been excited just getting those two – but all of these brushes have little details about the princess on them. It’s adorable. 


Some details about the collections – 

 Wonder Woman Collection

  • Exclusive to Walgreens
  • Retail: $7.99 – $11.99
  • Available: May 2016, while supplies last


Disney Princess Brush and Sponge Sets

  • Exclusive to Walgreens
  • Retail: $11.99 – $14.99
  • Available: February ­- December 2016

Which ones are your favorites? Are you planning on getting either of these sets? Tell me in the comments below! 

The Golden Snitch Giveaway {April}

*Stereotypical Movie Announcer Voice* In a world… where super heroes collide… we bring you…

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN – the giveaway box.
It’s time for another Golden Snitch – the monthly giveaway box full of geek goodies that opens at the close. This month, we’re all pretty stoked about the Batman vs Superman movie that recently hit theaters (no spoilers, please!) and wanted to offer up some pretty heroic prizes. But before we get into the giveaway and its contents, won’t you please take a moment to get to know me and the other sponsors?

April Golden Snitch Sponsors

I’d Like to Introduce You To…

Since the new Batman VS Superman movie recently came out in theaters, we thought it would be fun to shed some light on what side we’re on. Spoilers: There seem to be a lot of Batman lovin’ ladies in this group!

Batman vs Superman Favorite and why

 KIMI | Kimi Who?
I enjoy Batman’s sense of responsibility to his city. He could have anything he wanted – including hiring someone to fight the bad guys for him. But no… he takes it upon himself to do the dirty work of protecting the city and people he loves. Batman Forever! #sopunny

LIANA | Art Prints by Liana
Batman, of course! He has the superpower of unparalleled resilience and restraint of ethical justice and mad martial art skills. Also he’s a super attractive playboy whom no one would expect is the dark knight vigilante. (It probably helps that he’s also my all time favorite comic book character.)

LAURA | Con Couture
They were both awesome in the movie and fighting for what they believed was right. Each perceived the other as the threat, when in reality they needed to work together. Oh, how I love when things get kumbaya. 🙂 So, I’m going to be that person that can’t pick one and say that I just love them both!

HANNAH & SARA | The Perfect Storm BFFs
Batman because he’s just a fairly normal guy who wants to help people and try to make Gotham a better place. He’s trained super hard and uses his gadgets to make that happen. Plus, Batman has the BEST villains!

TISH | The Veganista Foodie
I’ll have to side with Superman. I love superheroes that have cool super powers. I also appreciate the sense of responsibility he has in helping a planet that isn’t even his own.

JENN | The Diary of a Dreamer
Batman. He’s just a mortal man trying to protect his city.

KATY | Plays Well With Coffee
Batman will always be my favorite. Why? Because he’s just a man who wants to take the crime out of Gotham city. But also – that suit and cape – yum!

DANIELLE | From Girlie to Nerdy
BATMAN! I’ll admit, I’ve never liked Superman. I always thought he was kind of lame (sorry, folks). Batman on the other hand has always been my favorite. Although he doesn’t have any true superhero powers, he’s smart, creative, and a little dark. Win-win for me!

ASHLEE | Her Geekery
Batman forever! I’ve always liked that he’s a real guy (albeit, a ridiculously weathy one) who uses his strength and intelligence to save the day. No superpowers required, thank you very much! But let’s be real, between Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, it’s Cavill all the way<3

JESSICA | The Nifty Nerd
Both these guys aren’t necessarily my favorite, but if I were to pick the winning side it’d be Superman. To keep this succinct- Realistically Superman’s true strength in power greatly outweighs Batman. He could stay a hundred yards away from Batman and just melt him with his heat vision or freeze him with his freeze breath. He wouldn’t even need to get close enough for Batman to use some “trick” like kryptonite.

DARCIE | Homemaker Vs The World
It’s actually really hard for me to choose between Batman and Superman. In the end, I’d have to choose Team Batman. I think Superman has a bit of an unfair advantage by having the powers to do just about anything, including turning back time. Batman has to use his brain and gadgets to get himself out of situations. I’m also more partial to Batman’s backstory. He chooses to do what he does because of what happened to his parents. In the end, while his methods may be a little darker than other super hero’s, he does what he does so others don’t have to go through what he went through when he lost his parents.

Batman all the way. Superman has always been too cheesy for me, and I’m pretty sure rich boy Wayne wouldn’t have a problem getting his hands on some kryptonite.

HEATHER | The Nerdy Fox
Batman…. because I’m not a fan of Superman. Haha. No, I just like Batman more out of the two.

ANGIE | My So-Called Chaos
BATMAN! I just like Batman better honestly…
April Golden Snitch

Enter to Win!

No matter which hero you are rooting for, you’ll look super as the proud owner of this prize box! This month’s box includes a great selection of items including:

  • Second-edition Brian Bolland Batman Black & White Statue
  • Mini Batman Bat Signal
  • Superman QPop Figure
  • Superman & Batman Huggie Earrings (Courtesy of Con Couture)
  • Metal Wonder Woman Business Card Holder

Disclaimer: The giveaway is open to Residents of the United States only. Sorry international readers – shipping for these typically heavy boxes can be rather expensive. Please, no contest accounts. Entries will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our Family Is Growing!

Remember back in August when I said, “I have something exciting happening” but I couldn’t tell you what it was? And a ton of you messaged me and asked if I was pregnant? 


I can finally tell you something. Something I’ve been waiting since August to tell you guys! Our family is growing! But no, I’m not preggers. My parents have been going through the extremely long and torturous process of adopting kids. They’re family members that were put into the foster care system and were then going to be adopted outside of the family. Well, my parents stepped in and said that they’d adopt them to keep them in the family. First can we talk about how amazing that is? I’m 28 years old and have been the baby of the family for 28 years. My parents had a short talk about it and there was no question that they were going to take this on. It started out as just one child and then it turned in to both of his siblings. So, at my parents age, they’ve decided to essentially start over and raise THREE more children. It takes a special person to do something like that. I haven’t brought it up because there are just so many things that could have gone wrong and we endured a lot of heartbreak during the process. We were told on three separate occasions that they were going to be coming out  and then something would happen and it’d get delayed. But, today is the real day. Their plane landed 20 minutes ago and they’re currently on their way to our house to stay! 

Let me tell you a little about the kids – 

Faith – she’s the oldest. She’s 13 and wants to be a cheerleader (YAY!) – her favorite colors are lime green and turquoise. 

Savannah – she’s 6 and is super smart. She loves Frozen and wants to have long pretty hair like Queen Elsa. 

Kody – He’s 5 and LOVES sports. 


I’m sure I’ll have lots more to tell you as time goes on. I just couldn’t handle not taking a quick minute and sharing this exciting news with you! I’ve been dying to tell you guys for MONTHS. You’ll understand if I’m not around for a bit. I’ll be spending time with some extended family that has brought them into town. I couldn’t be more excited, you guys. They’re HERE! It’s been such a process and it almost seems surreal that they’re actually, physically here in Alabama. 


Questions, Comments, etc, post them below and I’ll try and get anything addressed that you want to know in the next post about it! 


GUYS I’M A BIG SISTER (kind of. Depending on how the paperwork goes through. But basically, I’m a big sister.) 


Geek Fuel {February}

You guys. I’ve been so crazy busy that I -FORGOT- to write about my Geek Fuel box last month. Which is sad because it’s truly an amazing box … especially if you love chimichangas. Sadly, I still haven’t had time to watch Deadpool. I know, it’s terrible. I swear I’m going to make time to go see it. I just… don’t have time to make time to go see it. 




The exclusive T-shirt says “I <3 chimichangas” (I’m currently wearing it.) and came wrapped up like a chimichanga – I love that. 

The game is Elliot Quest – a fun 8-bit style game that came with a puzzle tin with sour candy in it. 

Shiny Winter Hat – which unfortunately won’t be much use to me in Alabama but I love it all the same. I’ve loved Firefly for a long time so I was especially excited to get this. I just need Alabama to get a freak winter storm so I can wear it. (PS it’s 80 degrees today. I don’t think my freak storm is going to happen anytime soon!) 

Deadpool Keychain/Pin Badge/Bottle Opener – I got the keychain. He is living on my keyring and it makes me happy every single time I see it. 

Geek Fuel Robot magnet – okay. I’ve said this before, I love the Geek Fuel Robot. I think he’s so cute. So, he now lives on my fridge and is holding the latest artwork from my littles. 

Retro Magazine variant cover – I love this cover! So, I was definitely excited to add it to my collection. 


Want to sign up for Geek Fuel? Click here. 


You guys don’t want to miss this! Stan Lee has teamed up with Geek Fuel – I cannot wait to see what it is! You don’t want to miss this months box! Sign up now.