Plus You Have An Amazing Blog

“Plus you have an amazing blog.” She said to me. 

Mentally I winced but replied, “Oh, thank you! I do love my blog.” (Wincing again – knowing full well that I’m terrible at blogging lately.) Here I am, just a little nobody blogger that has readers that like my blog. It’s insane. It blows me away every single time. I’m not used to people reading my blog and then telling me about it… it’s humbling. 


About three things I am absolutely positive. 

First, Edward was a vampire. …. Wait, no, that’s not where this is going. Awkward.

Second, I do actually love my blog. 

Third, I sit down to write and I literally have no idea where to go from there. 

Seriously, I love blogging. I love and adore writing. It’s my first passion. I’ve said that a thousand times. I adore writing and reading. I actually had someone come up to me the other day and ask me if I was a writer – that’s a story for another blog entirely – but it showed me that I obviously come off as a writer, I just need to buckle down and write. I need to find my passion for writing again. 

Let’s expand on that last one, shall we? I have plenty of things to write about. I mean, my parent just got three kids. That right there deserves a blog in and of it’s self. I’m just not sure where to start these days. My blog started out a lot more video game intensive and very little personal stuff. I’m not so sure that fits me any more. So I feel guilty and I don’t write anything because I feel like it’s not what you guys want to read. I want to stay true to myself but still write about things that you find enjoyable. Because a blog is nothing without it’s readers. So time for the big question – If I were to write about anything, what would it be? What are you favorite types of posts from my blog? What brings you back to my blog and what do you want to see more of? Is there something you don’t like? (aside from my lack of posting. ) Seriously, tell me in the comments because I am in desperate need of inspiration of where to take this blog and what my readers would like me to do with it. 

Happy Friday! {Plus a Giveaway!}

Happy Friday everyone! I’m meant to be working and cleaning right now but well, it’s Friday. I wanted to share some happenings with you guys. Were just getting over strep over here and now we have some sort of congestion bug and it’s literally been a week from Hell. I just want to curl up and sleep for about 6 weeks. I’ve started working on my New Year’s posts and planning what I want to do with my blog in 2016. The crazy thing is, I haven’t had any motivation to do anything blog related for awhile — that’s been no secret. It’s due to some stuff that’s been going on in my life. I can’t share some of it… yet. Some of it’s going to be so happy and some of it is just boys are assholes and who really wants to deal with them? (especially when they break your heart! Am I right?) Anyway, I’m getting excited about the new year. I’ve some really amazing things planned and I think that my blog is going to be a lot more amazing!


It’s almost Christmas and I normally do a giveaway around the holidays but this year, I’m just not feeling it. So, I’ve partnered with My So Called Chaos and donated some ad space to give away. Head over there now and enter!



Click on the picture above to head over to Angie’s blog and enter her massive ad space giveaway. I’m giving away two spots! She also has a ton of other amazing giveaways going on right now. Seriously. Stop reading this right now and go over there. You’ll be so glad you did.



Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursdays Hosted By Kimi and Heather

Welcome to Things I Love Thursday (TILT) – a weekly roundup of things I’ve found on the internet that I love! Be sure to stop over at Kimi Who and read her post. She’s pretty much the coolest chick and my blog BFF! Just a few reminders – you can write your post on any day, it doesn’t have to be Thursday! We love looking through everyone’s posts and seeing what we’ve missed this week on the internet. Use the hashtag #TILT and tag us (@WhoisKimi and @TheNerdyFoxBlog on Twitter. @KimiWho and @TheNerdyFoxBlog on Instagram)  Make sure you get that button on your post and link up with us! Tag me (@thenerdyfoxblog) in your TILT tweet and I’ll retweet you! (Or share it on Facebook if you tag me!)


The Nerdy Fox


If you haven’t already signed up to do a card swap with me — go here now. I love sending (and receiving!) snail mail! This week has been crazy. I’ve started working on a website for my church. So, I’m going to be busy, busy, busy! You might see a little less of me around the blogging world, but probably not too much less. I love my blog and can never stay away from it for very long. I was talking to Kimi yesterday about this post and we both had the same idea. Christmas Wish List! Yay! I love Christmas! I don’t ever get a lot for Christmas…. Being single, and a mom generally means that I always tell people to get more stuff for my kids and not to worry about me.


Check Your Vinyl Signs Turntable in Crimson

The main thing I want this year (other than a new phone…) is a record player. I don’t know where I’ll put it but I want one. A lots of vinyl to go along with it! It makes my heart swoon!



Coloring Books <3
Planner <3














And a gift card to Books A Million and maybe a coffee shop.


I’m a simple girl. I like simple things. I just want to listen to music, read, and drink coffee. And watch Star Wars. That’s all.



What are you loving this week??



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Holiday Card Swap

I love Christmas — too much, maybe. But nothing is more fun than waking up Christmas morning, especially if you have little ones. It is my favorite thing in the entire world. I also love getting Christmas cards and I love send them. So I signed up for a Blogger Card swap… and then I got kind of stressed out about it. However, now that I’ve purchased a ton of cute, glittery cards, I’m okay. Then I thought about how much fun it’d be to send cards to some of my readers! (Remember this post?) I love writing letters. I love connecting with people around the country and world. So, I’m opening up my holiday card list to my readers. If you’d like to receive a card from me, add your name to the form below.  — As a side note, make sure that you enter your address exactly as I should write it. I’ve ran into some issues with my The World Needs More Letters project where letters get sent back to me and I don’t have way to get in contact with people about their address. It makes me really sad. So, make sure it’s the way it should be written.



Are you sending out Christmas cards this year?

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday by and

Welcome to Things I Love Thursday (TILT) – a weekly roundup of things I’ve found on the internet that I loved this week! My blog BFF, Kimi, and I have decided to collaborate and make this a weekly linkup party! You can join us by grabbing a button below and submitting your link at the bottom! As always, your TILT post can contain anything you’ve loved this week – memes, clothing, books, video games, whatever! Kimi and I will each be choosing our favorite Things I Love Thursday post from the previous week to be featured on our blogs! Make sure you get that button on your post and link up with us! Tag me (@thenerdyfoxblog) in your TILT tweet and I’ll retweet you!

The Nerdy Fox

So, I have these big ideas for my blog and then life gets crazy. I’m a week and a day post IUD removal. It’s going about as expected. Things I’ve noticed so far are that my headaches are gone and I’m not nearly as exhausted 24/7. So, I guess I’ll call it a win. I also spent all day yesterday moving my entire room — by myself, mind you, into a smaller room. It was a pain and my bedroom is MESS right now. I can’t even handle it. But, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of blogging. I have a ton of ideas. I swear they’ll be up on the blog soon.


Links I Love This Week:

The Crimson Mermaid  — because, her name is just lovely.

Bookworms in Dresses  — because, kitty cat.

Geeky Girl Scents — because, candles and geekdom.

Geekfuel — because, Star Wars.  (PS my Geek Fuel review is coming! Tomorrow, most likely! It was gooooooooood!)



Things I Love This Week:

BB-8 — I want one so badly! Who doesn’t?? I mean, really. He’s so cute!

Princess Leia — I recently got the First Order StormTrooper and C-3PO. I decided that I probably need to get all of the Star Wars Pop Figures.

Boba Fett  — Target has this AWESOME Boba Fett Helmet, too. That I’d love to have. I’d wear it all the time. Seriously.


I’m always on a Star Wars kick, but It’s amplified with Force Friday AND moving my room. I have so many Star Wars prints and posters. I’m currently trying to figure out where everything should go.


Feature of the Week:


  Zainy Laney – Things I Love Thursday

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Writer’s Block




I know, I know. My blog has taken the back burner and I absolutely hate it. I love blogging. I love writing and I love connecting with my readers. I’ve been so busy and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. I keep blaming it on summer but I think I might have been a little burned out on blogging. I’ve bought a new planner and made REAL blog post plans for the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. I’m sorry, my lovelies. I’m trying to get over my writer’s block. So, I’ve taken a couple of measures to make sure that I’m more actively blogging. Mainly, I sat down and forced myself to make some plans. I bought a cute planner and have been taking it everywhere with me to make sure that I have a place to write down my ideas.


The only good thing about today: I got a new planner. 🍍

A photo posted by Heather Sander (@thenerdyfoxblog) on


What have I been up to?

Well, let’s see. Cheer has started. So, I’ve been working on a lot of cheer related things. In fact, after I finish writing this post, I am going to be working on some cheer signs for the little girls on my squad. I also have been planning routines, practices, and making cheer bows. I’ll tell you guys a secret, though. I’m not as into it this year as I was last year. I was so excited about it and then there are some cheer moms that are kind of sucking all the fun out of it. Plus it’s been SO disorganized this year. I like to have my things planned out and if it’s not planned, it stresses me out. So, there has a been a lot of stress centered around cheer. Luckily, I have a lot of the same cheerleaders as I did last year so I know that we’ll have fun once we’ve learned everything and started cheering at games.


I had a doctors appointment to get my IUD removed. This might be a little TMI for you so, feel free to skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know about birth control and my uterus. Well, I went in last week to get my IUD removed – NOT BECAUSE I’M TRYING TO GET PREGNANT – but because I don’t want to be on birth control anymore. My tubes are tied. There is no chance of me getting pregnant. I just have crazy periods that last forever and they put in an IUD to control it. Well, I’m hoping that maybe now my body has normalized enough that I don’t need birth control to have regular periods. So, I made an appointment, went in, and had the awkward female check up done…. Only to learn that my IUD strings/sutures have either migrated or are gone completely from my IUD. What does that mean? It means that he couldn’t take out my IUD. I have to go back on Wednesday to get manually dilated and hopefully they can remove it. If not, I have to have it surgically removed. I’m extremely stressed out about it. I’m allergic to most prescription pain medication so they couldn’t prescribe me anything for the pain before the procedure. They did give me some Ativan to kind of cope with the anxiety of it. So, I’m currently accepting prayers, good vibes, and cookies to get through this week.


I’ve also been working on some *REALLY* exciting things that I *STILL* can’t tell you guys about. I promise I’ll have some exciting things to tell you soon! So, keep checking back. 😀


What have you been up to? What do you do to avoid writer’s block?


Blogging: Why You Should REALLY Comment More Often

I don’t typically write blogging tip posts. Every once in awhile I do, only when I genuinely think that it’ll help people – the blogging tip niche is kind of jammed packed with information. There isn’t much else I can add to that niche! I do have a couple more lined up because I’ve learned a lot from coding and I think it would be helpful to share with you guys! Stay tuned for those in the next couple of weeks.

black and white photo of pencils and notebooks with "blogging why you should really comment"

One of the best things about blogging is the community. Bloggers generally are on board to help out other bloggers and the support system is great. I’m continuous surprised by it. One things I’ve noticed though, is bloggers get in these groups and share posts that they want comments on and you end up getting these, “I love this!” or “Wow!”, or my personal favorite, “I’ll look into this.” — canned responses. It’s easily the most frustrating thing. You didn’t read my blog, you skimmed through it and you left a boring, not helpful comment. The problem is that a big part of blogging is your numbers. If you’re numbers are low, it’s a lot harder to get sponsorship and really make any money with it. It’s the sad truth. So, I think that a lot of bloggers look at these canned comments as, “Well, a comment is better than no comment.” While that may be true, it somehow makes your blog feel fake. I hate going to a blog and seeing “I love this” over and over again in the comments – like, what specifically do you love? Why do you love it?

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What You Should Be Doing

You need to add to the discussion. Give something for the writer/blogger to work with. We put a lot of time and effort into our blogs and to continue to grow and expand, we have to have a reader base that interacts with us. Telling me you love it gives me NOTHING to work with. I can’t tell what part you love. What you want to see more of, what you don’t want to see more of. Bloggers are looking for feedback. We want to know what you REALLY think of our posts, not just canned responses!

[Tweet “Bloggers are looking for feedback. We want to know what you REALLY think of our posts, not just canned responses! “]

Without readers, a blog is nothing. Even if you think that blogger is “too big” or “too popular”  to recognize you, comment on that blog. It’s not a easy thing to blog, it’s something we put hours into and a lot of the time bloggers fail because they get so little feedback. If you regularly read a blog, don’t be a lurker. Comment and share it and follow that blogger on social media! Bloggers crave interaction. We love hearing from our readers. We love the emails we get from you. We love getting to know you through our blogs. It’s a really exciting thing, no matter what size of blog you have, to get an email from a reader or a comment that really adds to the post. We want your insight and personal feedback.

With that being said, if you’re friends with a blogger… don’t send them a text and say, “Hey! I loved your blog post today!”, take the time to actually comment on the blog. Why? It adds to the discussion, it really proves to them that you read it and cared enough to take that time to comment on it. I love my friends to death and I know that a lot of them read my blog (Hi guys!!) but not that many of them actually comment. When they do, it reminds me that my readers, whether I know them personally or not, are taking time out of their day to read my blog. It’s exciting and it shows me what people are looking to see more of.


Why You Should Comment More

– It helps the blogger understand what you, the reader, wants to see more of.

– It helps build the blog and creates community.

– It validates the blogger. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy to get comments and know that someone is reading our posts!

– If you don’t comment, you’re a just a number on our analytics page. (Blogging is all about numbers, remember?) We don’t know much about you other than you read something or searched for something and ended up here. We want to connect with you.


Do you comment or are you a lurker? Why or why not?

Reader Survey

If you wouldn’t mind filling this out for me, I’d greatly appreciate it! I am always interested in hearing what my readers have to say. I have been blogging for a year and I have changed a lot of things about what I blog about and I want to know what YOU want to see more of! Thank you so much!

Guest Post: Blogging Tips For Beginners

Hi everyone I’m Karissa and I’m a blogger over at A Fresh Start. I’m in my early 30’s and am a blogger who enjoys writing about organization, parenting and blogging. There is so much to learn and whatever I learn I like to share with others.


I have been blogging for just about three years now. It seems like a long time but at the same time it’s still early in my blog career. At least I hope that it is because I want it to be something I hope to be doing for a long time. I’ve learned a lot about blogging since I published my first posts in 2012. Even though I have learned a lot at the same time blogging is always changing and there is always new things to be learned. So if you are just in the early stages of your blogging journey be prepared to constantly be learning and trying new things.If you are a more seasoned blogger I am sure you have already realized this to be true.  I want to share with you some of the best lessons I’ve learned and the ones I think are important to share with other bloggers.

  1. Every post matters. 

In the beginning it can be especially hard to be really passionate about what you write because you probably have only a couple people reading your blog. So it can seem like what’s the point because no one is probably reading what I’m writing anyways.  That’s where we all start though, with one reader and then a few and it grows from there

. The important thing is that you write with passion and as if you are writing to thousands. That you put your heart into your posts, even from the beginning.  One day those readers will find you and your blog will grow and those readers will go back through your archives and find your older posts. So do your best to make them count and be something you are proud of. You will improve as a blogger the longer you write so your posts in the beginning won’t be as good as the one’s you write after a year or two of practice, but make them as great as possible. Also having good posts and well written pieces on your blog is what is going to lead to more shares which will be what helps your blog to grow.

  1. The more you give the more you get.  

This is so important to learn as a blogger and it sometimes takes awhile to learn. So especially for those of you who are new to blogging I wanted to share this piece of advice. If you want more comments on your posts, and don’t we all, then you need to go on other blogs and leave more comments. The more love you show other blogs will lead to them sometimes come find your blog and return the love. Also be active on social media. I’ve noticed that when I’m really active on a platform then I start getting a lot more attention from people on it.

I also don’t spread myself too thin with social media, track your stats and see where you get a lot of traffic to your blog coming from and focus on those platforms. For me I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest and from Facebook groups I’m a part of so I focus most of my attention on Pinterest and being active in the groups. That way I’m getting the most attention I can from those places.

I’d suggest that whatever amount of time you spend on Social media try adding an extra 15-30 minutes a day commenting more and sharing and pinning posts. Give more love and attention to fellow bloggers and build those relationships and that love will find it’s way back to you and your blog.

  1. Be you

There are millions of blogs out there, some great, some good and some not so good. There might even be millions of blogs in your niche the difference between all those thousands and millions of blogs and your blog is you. So figure out what makes you unique and special as a person and as a blogger. Find a way to share that with your readers because those unique qualities are going to be what makes your blog stand out and keeps your readers coming back for more.

I also find important to remember who you aren’t as well. There are bloggers who are great at writing with humor and although I enjoy reading those blogs I know that if I tried to write a post like that it wouldn’t work because that isn’t who I am as a writer and I have to respect that and leave those types of posts to the writers who can do them well. By focusing on what I can do well I’m making sure that I’m writing my best posts and putting my best work on my blog. If you aren’t comfortable with a topic or a style of writing then don’t write that post or really take your time and put your best work and focus into that post.

You can always grow and change as a blogger and you should. I know that I have quite a bit in the last three years. It took time though and trial and error. Writing a post a certain way and seeing how my readers responded to it. If they liked it then write more like it and if they didn’t then either try again or realize that it might not be something that works for me or appeals to my readers. It’s important to remember that it’s not all about just finding things you like writing but also finding things your readers like reading. To grow your blog and gain readers and keep the readers you have already you have to write for them as much as you write for yourself, probably more.

I have a lot of blogging tips and advice on my blog, it’s a topic I really enjoy. To check out those posts visit my blogging section on my blog. I hope there you will find more tips that will be useful to you.