Instagram Recap {Vol. 2}

It’s no secret that Instagram is my favorite social media platform. It’s less catty than facebook and less political than twitter — plus it’s usually just pretty pictures! I can spend hours getting lost in hashtags. I thought I’d do a little recap of my Instagram lately.

I guess it’s also no secret that I love and adore coffee. I’m still waiting for my coffee to kick in at this point. 😛 

Start the day with coffee and end the day with wine.

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I had a small glass of red mascato last night. Delicious. 

While out getting my new phone over the weekend I came across this little gem! How cute is this?? Happy Tuesday!!!

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Seriously. I made my dad drive over to it to get a picture. He wasn’t very happy with me about it… but I HAD TO HAVE A PICTURE OF IT! Obviously. It’s so cute! The owners were classic hippies. No shoes, dreads drum circle. The whole thing. It’s rare to see such a thing in Alabama. I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Today’s mug. Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have a great week. 😘

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Of course this is going to be making a frequent appearance on my feed. 

Because I like to show you guys my cute mugs.

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This is actually the mug I’m using today — I’m kind of obsessed with it because it has a top and it keeps the warmth in. PLUS it was 50% off at the Target Starbucks 

The OscylinderScope.

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Chanel’s class went to the local science museum and I was a chaperone! I basically spent the entire day following two crazy girlies around and telling them that, “We’re not here to look at boys. We’re here to science!” Anyway, this was fun to play with. 

BB8 & R2D2. What more could a girl ask for?

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Seriously. How cute is it? I can’t. 

Happy Love day! 💟💞💝💘💗💖💕💓💜💛💚💙❤🎃

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Also, love day is great… it’d be better if it were second Halloween. 

It’s too early! (Repost from @hercampus)

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In conclusion – I drink A LOT of coffee. But at least I have cute mugs! Which one is your favorite? Are you following me on Instagram? Do you have any favorite accounts that I should be following? You know what to do!

You Have Really Pretty Hair

Yesterday, as I was piously sitting in church, totally not planning out other blogs that I want to start, I had an epiphany. Maybe it wasn’t an epiphany, it was kind of a realigning? of what I want to do with my life. The thing that makes me the most happy is writing. That’s how it’s always been. I can write about anything and thoroughly enjoy it. I pulled out my phone and started making notes about things I wanted to write about on both this blog and the mysterious soon-to-be blog. (Don’t judge me, it was near the end of service!) When service let out, I was walking out of the sanctuary and as usual, I was in my own little world not really thinking about anything except blogging.

“You have really pretty hair! Gosh, it’s gorgeous!” someone said, pulling me out of my thoughts. I managed a “Oh, you’re so sweet, thank you!” before she walked away.

Now, I’m gonna be real honest right now. I hadn’t washed my hair in at least 3 days. I barely managed to get it brushed before I had to leave the house. My hair has been a mess for God knows how long. I don’t like it. I don’t like the color, I don’t like the length, I don’t like the texture. I do. not. like. my. hair. I’ve basically accepted that it’s going to look like shit until I either pixie cut it again or let it get longer. I don’t love it curly, I don’t love it straight… I’m just not happy with my hair.


Sometimes I’m pretty.

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I can make it look okay enough for it to look like I’ve at least tried to put myself together. Sunday was NOT one of those days. This lady that doesn’t know, took the time to tell me I had pretty hair and it kind of made me realize that maybe… just MAYBE the things that I’m insecure about are completely ridiculous. Not everyone is going to notice that your hair isn’t perfect. Just because *I* feel like blonde hair washes me out, doesn’t mean that everyone else does. I mean, just look at the caption on that instagram photo. “Sometimes I’m pretty.” I remember posting that and thinking wow I look pretty in that picture. *captioned* I actually got accused of “fishing for compliments” on that picture. Like, let’s be real. I don’t really care if someone ELSE thinks I’m pretty. As long as I *FEEL* pretty, then I’m happy. I don’t need people to tell me I’m pretty — but like anyone else, it’s nice to be told by other people that I am pretty. I spent years in emotionally abusive relationships where I never felt good enough or pretty enough and if a stranger did happen to pay me a compliment, I was immediately shamed into thinking that they didn’t mean it. I think it just kind of took me by surprise that on that day, of all days, when I hadn’t really tried to be pretty or put together that someone said I had pretty hair. I don’t think that people realize how long words can have an impact on your psyche. It turns out that years later, I’m still struggling even on my good days.


I don’t really have a question for you guys. This was just a post that had been floating around in my head all day and I finally had a minute to sit down and write it out. I’ll gladly accept thoughts/comments/questions in the comments below!

A Rant

So, I’m normally a pretty mellow, chill person. I’m not overly needy (kind of) and I’m not generally a mean person. I’m not. But I have to rant about a few things that have been bothering me lately. And it’s probably all silly things to be irritated about it, but I am and I figured maybe you guys could give me advice on some of them.


  1. RSVP. People who don’t RSVP are the worst. I had Trowa’s birthday party and specifically put RSVP *insert my cell* on there for a reason. I need to know who is coming so I can plan accordingly. Like, do I really want about a thousand Paw Patrol favors for people that don’t show up? No. I don’t. I want you to say, “Hey, I’m not coming.” and then I won’t buy the stupid favors for you. That simple. Also, if you SAY you’re coming, and then don’t show up, you’re equally frustrating. Basically, when did simple things like RSVPing to an event, turn into “Just ignore this part of the invitation and pretend like you didn’t see any of this”???? UGH. Long story short, I have a billion Paw Patrol favors for a birthday party that was supposed to have about 15 kids and only about 5 showed up. … and none of them were the ones that SAID they were going to show up.
  2. When your best friend in AL breaks up with you. So, I haven’t have a friend fight in god knows how long. I don’t have the time or patience for that. Either you be upfront with me about what is bothering you or there is the door. I don’t have time for games. I don’t care enough to pry and figure out WHY you’re not talking to me. Seriously… How old are we now? Like, if you don’t want to be my friend, that’s 100% fine. What bothers me is, we went from talking almost every day to not talking at all. Like, she isn’t responding to my text messages. We weren’t fighting. If anyone should be mad it’s me, I mean … she didn’t come to my son’s birthday party. Guess what? I’m not. She said she wasn’t feeling well and that was that. I get it. Sometimes you forget things. It’s fine. BUT TO NOT TALK TO ME AFTER THAT AT ALL IS FUCKING STUPID. Like, what did *I* do? Nothing. I didn’t do a dang thing. UGH. I can’t.
  3. My bank account got hacked. I think I mentioned that. It’s messed everything up. I had to order a new card and it messed with EVERYTHING. I’ve had to update everything and forgot to update my car insurance (KIND OF A BIG DEAL!) and spent the afternoon fixing that. That’s all I really have to say about that. It’s just been annoying.
  4. When you spend hours trying to make something work, finally ask for help, and then it magically works. This was my day today. I spent hours, not even joking, HOURS, trying to make something work. I finally break down, ask someone else to look at it. And before they could even look at it, it was working. I don’t know how it happened… but it did. So that’s frustrating.


Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

You know what to do.

Things I Love Thursday: Trowa Edition {Vol. 30}

Things I Love Thursdays Hosted By Kimi and Heather

Welcome to Things I Love Thursday (TILT) – a weekly roundup of things I’ve found on the internet that I love! Be sure to stop over at Kimi Who and read her post. She’s pretty much the coolest chick and my blog BFF! Just a few reminders – you can write your post on any day, it doesn’t have to be Thursday! We love looking through everyone’s posts and seeing what we’ve missed this week on the internet. Use the hashtag #TILT and tag us (@WhoisKimi and @TheNerdyFoxBlog on Twitter. @KimiWho and @TheNerdyFoxBlog on Instagram)  Make sure you get that button on your post and link up with us! Tag me (@thenerdyfoxblog) in your TILT tweet and I’ll retweet you! (Or share it on Facebook if you tag me!)

The Nerdy Fox

Today is a special day around my house. Trowa turns 5 today! Can you believe that? Five years ago I was in the hospital, waiting to hold my last child. He was born three weeks early, weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 19 inches long. Can you image if he would have been full term? He would have been ginormous. Seriously. So, here are some baby pictures for everyone to enjoy.

306435_10150418054048913_1171419656_n 164529_10150106101843913_7067954_n193469_10150142852893913_1278408_o


He was a cute little thing. Now he’s into these kinds of things:


Yo-kai watch. He’s utterly obsessed with it. His party isn’t until Saturday and I told him that I couldn’t find it in any store. He’s going to be so excited when he opens it!



Things I don’t love this week:

My account got hacked. Someone tried to charge a thousand dollars to my account and I’ve been so stressed out about it. It’s all okay. Everything is getting refunded or was declined and they’re sending me out a new card. But it’s still so stressful. I’m just ready for it all to be over with and to have access to my bank account again. Ugh. What a mess!


So, this is going to be a short TILT post. I’ve been crazy busy and just really am ready for the weekend. Let me know what you love this week in the comments below and be sure to link up with us. If you haven’t already entered this awesome giveaway, be sure that you do! 


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2016 Goals



Hey Readers! I know.. I’ve been gone for a bit. The holidays stressed me out. I’ve been busy and just feel like I can’t get on top of things. But it’s a new year! So, hopefully I can prioritize some things and get back in charge of my life. 2015 was rough. It was filled with heartbreak and change – things that I don’t like. Not that anyone does, but I have always had a hard time with change and that’s all 2015 was for me. You know when you’re looking back at the last year and you get really nostalgic? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. 2015 was… well, it was something. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m not sure I have any feelings towards it. It’s been an emotional year for me. Between mending a broken heart, waiting for things to happen, and the everyday emotions of children… it’s been rough. I can say that I’m a different person than I was at this point last year. Hell, I’m a different person that I was last month. I’ve made some really great friends in Alabama. I’ve missed my friends in Utah. I’ve wanted to fast forward and I’ve wanted to rewind and I’ve wanted to pause. I don’t think I accomplished any of my New Year’s resolutions. My life kind of took some unexpected turns. I relive some moments over and over again, even though I wish I could forget them. There are parts that I’m holding on to that I wish I could get rid of. Then there are amazing parts that I’ll never forget and the happiest memories I don’t ever want to forget. It’s insane to me how much as changed in a year. My life goals, my future plans, everything is different now. If you had asked me a year ago where I thought I’d be, the answer would have been totally different. So here I am, 2016. I am going to make 2016 everything I want it to be.


Blogging Goals for 2016

  • Blog More – I’m not going to set a number on this. I just want to blog more and enjoy blogging again.
  • Take More Pictures – this is always a goal of mine. I love photography. I just kind of lost my love of it during 2015. I’m hoping I can rekindle that love in 2016
  • Be a BETTER Blogger – I mean commenting, responding to comments, visiting other bloggers, and sharing my favorites with my readers. I want to be someone that builds up other bloggers.


Personal Goals for 2016

  • Be Happy – I said that 2015 was rough year for me. It was on so many levels. I just want to be happy this year.
  • Stress less – Seriously. I’m ALWAYS stressed out. Always. I don’t like it. I need to chill out and relax. What is going to happen is going to happen. There is nothing I can do to change it. No amount of stress in the world will change it.
  • Read More – I want to read a lot more books this year. I’m setting a goal of 24 books. That’s 2 books a month. I know that is easily doable. You can follow along on GoodReads!



Lastly, I have a reader survey for you.


What are your goals for 2016?

Shop Small Businesses

As you  know, I’m a big supporter of shopping small businesses. Especially around the holidays. As a small business owner, I can tell you that when you shop small businesses, you’re helping pay for bills, Christmas presents, and in my case, coffee. I’ve compiled a list of small shop owners that I think you’ll really enjoy. And just to be clear, I don’t get anything out of you shopping at any of these (Unless it’s Cheaha Soaps… that’s my business. haha) But these are fellow bloggers and friends that have etsy/storenvy shops that I know would benefit from you ordering.



Store Name/Hyper Link Coupon Code if any Store Description
Cheaha Soaps  TheNerdyFox (25% off) Soaps and Beard Products
True Vine Gifts Handmade Gifts for the Wine Love  (HELLO!)
The Geek Forge One-of-a-kind, hand-crafted geek accessories and fashion. 15% of all profits go to, a charity which helps comic book artists.
Scribbleprints Check Here I sell a variety of printed gifts with my Scribbleprint artwork and humorous designs: shirts, ornaments, stationery, baby items.
Nerdette At Large Gently used Geeky Apparel, and Much Loved Comic Books.
Something Winnderful I sell handmade items for a more eco friendly home, such as: face scrubs, laundry dryer balls, and laundry detergent.
Lydia’s Designs turkey2015 for 15% off any purchase Watercolor paintings of landscapes and colorful patterns, collages that feel like dream worlds infused with with whimsical and historical influences, and photography created by hand using old fashioned film processes are all available for those who want a bit more beauty in their lives.
Printcess Free sample(s) included in every full-sized order! I handcraft cruelty-free, vegan, sensitive-skin-friendly mineral makeup inspired by novels.
shop1980something shop1980something blends together an entire decade worth of stuff (and then some) into one totally rad Etsy shop. From clothes to toys and everything in between!
Winged Warrior An independent artist (that I (The Nerdy Fox) went to school with!) You can find her at various conventions and online. 
WahlCrafts A local stencil and spray paint artist! 
GeekyGirlScents Amazing geeky themed candles!


Want to see yourself on this list? Fill out this form and I’ll get you added!


Happy shopping!

I’ve Been Feeding a Stray

For the last month I’ve been feeding a stray cat. Yes, I understand what that means. I understand what my future is going to be like (dying alone with 50 cats). I’m pretty much okay with it at this point. Anyway, I have been feeding Porch Cat for about a month. My goal has been to be able to pet it. Like, just once. For about two seconds. That’s all. I’ve been feeding him or her everyday for about a month. The last week and a half I haven’t actually seen Porch Cat. The food has been empty though, so I’ve assumed s/he’s been coming when I haven’t noticed. I kept filling up the dish.

Well last night, I found this on my porch.




I’ve been feeding a stray opossum for the last week and a half. You remember that sears commercial where she’s calling the cat? Oh here, I’ll just post it.


This is how I feel right now. Like, I’ve been feeding a stray opossum. Side note:  I had to google the difference between a possum and an opossum. Possums are native to Australia …. and Opossums are native to North America. The more you know.



This is my “OH MY GOD TAKE THE PICTURE SO THIS THING DOESN’T BITE ME” face. Of course then there is my friend Brooke who gets like, the perfect picture:

Look at it’s little feets! It kind of freaks me out a little bit.


I feel both ridiculous and extremely amused by it. I’m not used to dealing with random critters like this. Also, opossums are scary mean. So, that’s my crazy cat lady story. Share yours with me below!

Happy Stitch

Do you cross stitch? Have you seen this great shop? Happy Stitch is both a geeky gamer and a cat lover. (Seriously. Right up my alley!) Her etsy shop is filled with cute gamer related cross stitch patterns. I have a confession – I’ve never done any kind of cross stitch. But, I do perler bead. Same thing, right? Maria sent me a couple patterns to try out in perler beads. Of course, I couldn’t wait to try this cute Chibi Dovahkiin!


I’m currently working on it and will post pictures of it when it’s all done. It’s going to be SO cute!



Here are some of my personal favorites from her shop:

HTML Welcome 


Health is red

Keep Calm and Fus Ro Dah

Vault Boy and Girl Wedding  — This one was designed for Maria’s half-sister’s wedding. It’s her most popular pattern. I can totally see why. What a great gift it would make for  the geeky couple in your life!


She is running a special right now. 10% off any item $3 or more and this code is good until March 2016 — FALLOUT  


If you’re interested in cross stitch OR perler beads, she posts freebies on her blog and her twitter.


Maria is currently designing a Chibi series of video game protagonists. She has GTA V, Skyrim, Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, Lara Crost, Chun Li, Fallout Vault Dweller, and has more designs coming. These are all compatible with perler beads as well!

Head over to her shop and favorite it – Happy Stitch

Follow her blog – Happy-Stitch 

Follow her on Twitter – @HappyStitchNet


Which is your favorite? Do you cross stitch??

Halloween Recap

You guys should know how much I love Halloween. It’s my favorite. I love dressing up. I love seeing all the little kids dressed up. It’s just so much fun. I wanted to just share some of the pictures of my Halloween. I made my giant mallet – I wanted it to look like I had used it so it looks, I think, distressed. I ordered the rest of my outfit from Amazon.


12189226_453230908194191_1171175540873221331_o 12189459_453237418193540_7890907453565593372_o


These three above here are via this page 

bathroom selfies
Trick or Treating hayride. Chanel was a cat and Trowa was a Power Ranger

I was only able to get a couple pictures with my phone. I don’t have any great pictures from Halloween. We were crazy busy that day. I was in a costume contest (I didn’t win… 🙁 They grouped my age category with “group/family costumes” which I think was totally unfair but whatever. It was fun!) and we were at the local fall festival all day and then we went trick or treating that night. It was so much fun.

Anyway, that was our Halloween. What was yours like?

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursdays Hosted By Kimi and Heather

Welcome to Things I Love Thursday (TILT) – a weekly roundup of things I’ve found on the internet that I loved this week! My blog BFF, Kimi, and I have decided to collaborate and make this a weekly linkup party! You can join us by grabbing a button below and submitting your link at the bottom! As always, your TILT post can contain anything you’ve loved this week – memes, clothing, books, video games, whatever! Kimi and I will each be choosing our favorite Things I Love Thursday post from the previous week to be featured on our blogs! Make sure you get that button on your post and link up with us! Tag me (@thenerdyfoxblog) in your TILT tweet and I’ll retweet you!


PS – she rebranded and updated our button and banner. Isn’t it super duper cute??



What a crazy week I’ve had! It’s been so busy and so filled with both drama and good things. I don’t know if you follow me on twitter but you might have seen my rant to Lowes about how horrible their service is. Well, I’m still in talks with them to rectify the situation however, I’m still pretty dang upset with them and there is a post specifically about Lowes coming soon.


Sunday was a special day for my family. Recently we started attending church again at the request of my daughter. I’ve never been to a church that I actually enjoyed until now. I always hated going to church. I hated the judgement and the bigotry. I might lose some followers by talking about this but, I’m sorry. It’s a lifestyle blog and this is my life. 😛 My daughter got baptized on Sunday. Here’s a video of it.


I love that. I’ve watched it a million times on my phone. I’m so happy for her – it’s something that she’s been wanting to do.


Of course, I also love the rebranding of Kimi Who – because it’s just so pretty!

(I also love this giveaway over on Kimi Who) 


Depepi has Random Acts of Fandom up on her blog. It’s pretty amazing.

North East Nerd has some book reviews up. Of course this makes me super happy.

The Modern Jane Austen has a “Now that I’m 30” post… It reminds me that I’m rapidly approaching that number. Eeek.


And of course — It’s Halloween Month so i thought I’d share some of my favorite decor items!

Sugar Skull Pillow

3D Bats

Spooky Glitter Paper Chandelier, Ravens, Skulls, Spiders, and Bats Decorating Kit (17 pieces)

Halloween Glow in the Dark Wine Bottle Label Stickers (8 Labels)



Meet This Blogger

Plays Well With Coffee (of course I love her blog’s name as well..)

On this blog, I’m going to share with you recipes for cooking and baking, any DIY projects I get myself into, crafts I make, and other stuff I feel is neat enough to share.

Basically, you’re just along for the journey as we figure out life in our cute little house by the cute little creek.

Here is the link for her TILT post



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Are you excited about Halloween??