Instagram Recap {August}

@thenerdyfoxblog’s #PoisonIvy #Cosplay #DCcomics

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I’m featured over at GeekTak in my Poison Ivy cosplay. Go give it a like.

Check out this vintage barbie trunk I found today!

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I found this really awesome vintage Barbie Trunk — it’s from the 1960’s and there was a goldmine of vintage Barbie clothes inside! It was only $4.00 and it’s in great condition. I was SO pleased!

#foamglow #foamglow5k #foamglowrun #wishmeluck

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I had a blast at the Foam Glow 5k. My hair is still pink.

Hummingbird Wars 😍🐦

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I’ve been spending my morning watching the hummingbirds fight over the nectar.

Nessie! and ipsy! And arbonne! So much happy mail!

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I got my Nessie Ladle and some other happy mail. I’m in love!


What’s your Instagram handle? Who should I be following on Instagram?

Chanel Turns 8

8 years old
8 years old and wearing fancy shoes



So, it happened. I have an 8 year old. 8 years ago I was in the middle of a 26 hour labor, wondering if she was ever going to come out. She did. … Her birth was dramatic and long and ended in an emergency c-section. But she came out! She was 7 pounds 14 ounces and had a full head of hair. Everyone told me that it was going to fall out or she was going to rub a bald spot… she never did. She’s always had a full head of hair. It was jet black when she was born and has lightened up considerably. It’s sun-bleached right now and it’s so pretty. While she doesn’t have my eye color, she has my eye shape and the most beautiful full lips. The first thing people tell me when they meet her is, “Wow, she’s beautiful!” and she is. She’s beautiful. She’s also smart, dramatic, sporty, and sweet. She’s an artist and a cheerleader. She’s going to go places, this child of mine. Whether it’s an art route or a sporty route, she’s going to be something. She has the determination and drive of someone who is going to work her butt off to accomplish her goals.


Her dad hasn’t been in the picture for a long time and I can’t help but feel sad for him. He’s missing out on so much. He can try to blame me for cutting him out, but he did that to himself. He never was mature enough to be a father to her. There were times when she would come running up to him and say, “Daddy! I love you!” and he wouldn’t say anything or acknowledge her. It’s sad to think about. But you know what? She’s alright. She’s going to be just fine. She has a big family that loves her. She is happy and healthy. She’s forever my best friend and shopping buddy. She makes me laugh and continuously surprises me with her talents.


Here are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of her over the years…

Baby Chanel
Dirty Face
The time she put some red lipstick on …..
At the zoo
Her lovey blanket, sucking her thumb.


My Custom 4th of July Dress by eShakti


I was recently contacted by and asked if I was interested in doing an honest review post in exchange for a custom dress. Of course, I was all over that! I have never had a custom tailored dress so I was kind of unsure of how hard it would be, especially because it’s all online and up to you to get your measurements. Fortunately the site is extremely informative on how to obtain the correct measurements. It also suggests to have someone else measure you – which is super helpful when it comes to your shoulders! Now, I am kind of busty, like a 32DD, so, it’s really hard for me to find button tops that don’t bust open or gap. I knew that I wanted to go with something like that, because, if I’m going for custom, I might as well get something that is hard for me to find, right? So, I measured (twice) and found this dress!  It’s customizable  down to the length and whether or not you want pockets. I was so sure that even though I had everything measured, it still wasn’t going to fit over my chest. However, it fits. It fits perfectly. It is hands down my favorite dress.


Funny story, I was wearing it on the 4th and we had company over. Apparently, they thought the dress was to “old” for me. Classic. I wear vintage (both authentic vintage and vintage style) dresses all the time. I have always been a fan of the pussy bow collar dresses and have never been able to find one in my size or find one that fits my chest. I had to jump on this one when I found it. It’s PURRFECT! (get it?)  It just made me laugh. I think it’s a pretty dress and clearly I have a different taste than most people but, in general, I think most would agree that it’s a great dress. It fits well and it’s a classy style.


Now, I thought I’d share some pictures from my 4th celebrations –


How was your fourth? Do you have any custom tailored clothing?

Instagram Recap

So, I thought I’d share what’s been going on around here by sharing some of my instagram photos. If you’re not already following me, it’s my favorite social media platform and definitely my most used. Keep up with the fun on there.

  Hands down the most awkward (best?) free sample I’ve ever received.😂😂😂😂😂 I wasn’t aware that butt acne was a thing?   A photo posted by Heather Sander (@thenerdyfoxblog) on

Guys. I ❤ Star Wars so much.

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My little green eyed girl. 😍

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  Let’s just say I scored big time on my recent camera finds! 📷😍   A photo posted by Heather Sander (@thenerdyfoxblog) on

Rollin with my gnomies. Also, yay I hit 1k followers!

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So, I got some really awkward samples, I hit 1k followers, my hair was on point, I made some hot sauce, I love star wars, and I found some AWESOME thrift store finds and my kids are adorable.


Oh, and my article in Geek Fuel looks AMAZING. I’m working on my review of the box right now. It’s fantastic, as always!


I’m planning out some blog posts for June. Anything in specific you want to see?

Currently // 3



Eating // Nothing at all

Drinking // Coffee (Cup number 5! That should tell you something about today!)

Feeling // Excited. My film came for my SX-70 so I get to play with it and see if it actually works!

Weather // Nice a rainy. My fave.

Needing // Probably a lot of things, but I need more film for both my new cameras.

Thinking // Coding, cameras, and blogs. That’s my life.

Reading // Tutorials and details about old cameras.

Playing // Lego Star Wars.

Watching // Nothing.


Guys. My camera works. I’ve just got to get the exposure down and it’ll be perfection. I’m so excited about it!!! Details to come!

365 Photo Challenge

So, I took a couple days off. It was crazy busy here and I couldn’t find time to blog and be present in life. Don’t worry, I got pictures of it all! It was great for my 365 photo challenge!  I have so many exciting things to tell you guys about!

The Nerdy Fox
Aunt Tara, Grandma, Chanel, Trowa
The Nerdy Fox
Sibling Love
The Nerdy Fox
This sums up their relationship.
The Nerdy Fox
She was awarded “Jacket Pride”
The Nerdy Fox
My mom used to babysit him and now he’s graduated! Crazy!

The Nerdy Fox The Nerdy Fox The Nerdy Fox The Nerdy Fox The Nerdy Fox The Nerdy Fox The Nerdy FoxThe Nerdy Fox The Nerdy FoxHappy Memorial day! I am spending it with some family friends.

365 Photo Challenge

Time for another installment of the  365 photo challenge. I’m pretty happy with most of them!


The Nerdy Fox
Sunset // 1
The Nerdy Fox
Sunset // 2
The Nerdy Fox
Sunset // 3
The Nerdy Fox
Bird Feeder // 1
The Nerdy Fox
Bird Feeder // 2
The Nerdy Fox
The Nerdy Fox
Shoes & Pokemon Socks
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 1
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 2
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 3
The Nerdy Fox
Plants // 4


Which one is your favorite this week? Mine is my Purple Passion Plant (Plants // 3)

365 Photo Challenge

The Nerdy Fox
I made jalapeno jelly
The Nerdy Fox
I’ve been promising to take some pictures of the soap making process. Here is a picture of the oils before I’ve added the lye.
The Nerdy Fox
What it looks like after I’ve added the lye
The Nerdy Fox
I think it kind of looks like pudding.
The Nerdy Fox
The sunset
The Nerdy Fox
Pretty flowers growing out of the bricks. Nature is awesome.
The Nerdy Fox
The sunset
The Nerdy Fox
Charlie looking dapper in his plaid harness

So, I’ve been doing okay at the 365 photo project. I feel like I could be doing better. I *need* to find a bag that is easy to carry for my purse AND my camera. I think I’d take so many pictures if I had a safe way to carry it around. Seriously, if you have ANY suggestions, let me know!

Lessons I’ve Learned: Photography

Never, ever, ever let someone who you don’t know use your fancy DSLR camera. Or rather, never expect great pictures from a random using your camera to take a picture of you and your friend at his gallery exhibit. This will most certainly happen:

LtoR: Mom, Ed Deyo, Me

don’t we just look so lovely and blurry?!

I tried to explain that it was a fixed focal length lens and that she’d need to be closer to get a good picture. After she moved in closer, she tried to have it in manual focus and well, this is the result. She focused on the art instead of the faces. I then asked her to take another one, making sure it was on AUTO and in AUTO FOCUS and she stood too far away and took about 5 pictures that resemble the one above.

Now, to be far, I should’ve brought my kit lens and not my short lens… but still, I feel like it isn’t that hard, especially when the camera is in AUTO and AUTO FOCUS… and when the owner of the camera is saying, “You’ll have to move closer to get a good picture. No, that doesn’t zoom it in… Don’t move that button up. That puts it in manual focus. Yeah, that button takes the picture.” I just so rarely use my kit lens that I don’t bring it with me to events that I know aren’t going to need it. I’m not going to need to zoom in on anything at an art gallery. I wanted to take a good picture to celebrate my friend.

Anyway, here is the only “good” one of the three of us.

Ed Deyo
The piece my mom bought

Aside from not getting a nice picture of the three of us, it was a pretty fun event. I love and adore art and even thought about being an art historian for a long, long time.