Untitled-3I’ve decided to set some goals for this month. I’ll recap at the end of the month to see how well I did!


Blogging/Internet Goals:

– Catch up and stay caught up on my bloglovin’ feed.

– Get my inbox to zero. I have so many emails and junk in my inbox. I need to clear it up.

– Stream something on Twitch.  — this terrifies me.

– Comment on other blogs more often.

– Organize Desk & My Desktop.


Life Goals:

– Sleep more regularly.

– Drink more water.

– Find a Shamrock plant.

– Take more pictures.

-Organize my books and clothing.


Do you have any goals? What are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions for streaming on twitch?!

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Heather is a 29 year old Social Media specialist that enjoys writing, reading, video games, and nerdy things in general. She has two children, 3 dogs, and a handful of chickens. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Tolkien, and the Harry Potter universe.


  1. I need to organize my Bloglovin’ feed like… BAD. And I need to figure out how to stay caught up on it. Ahhhh!

    Great goals list!

  2. I used to live in Orem before I moved here. I’d take that over Alabama ANY day. They’re SO judge-y here. I always thought that nothing could be worse than Utah but let me tell you, they’re judge-y AND vocally opinionated about it here. It’s so crazy. I’ve have more than one person go, “Well, bless your heart. What happened to your hair?!” or “Well, gracious, I don’t know if I like that!”

  3. That’s what I’m hoping for – no surprises! Two corner bay windows for plants is like my dream. I always need more plants and more places to put them!

    I’m dying for spring except I have a hunch that Alabama spring is going to be WAY different than the springs I’m used to. It’s going to be an adventure, that’s for sure!

  4. Hahaha, I feel that way when I go to Utah County. For some reason my nose piercing, though petite, gets me more stares and dirty looks down here than I could have imagined in this day and age. Like someone will be talking nicely to me (a checker at Macey’s or something, and then suddenly they notice and it’s like a switch-instant chill. lol

  5. Thank you! I enjoy my hair… though it’s currently red, not purple like in my profile pic. Alabama doesn’t know what to think about my hair because it changes so frequently. I get more comments here than I ever did in Salt Lake.

    I did see that the 12×30 challenge is organizing this month, I’m pretty excited about it! 😀

  6. These are great goals. I really need to get more organized too. Luckily our 12×30 Challenge this month is all about organizing, did you see that? Always take more pictures, I love that! 😀 I really need to do that whole mail/inbox thing too… I just have so much.

    Thanks for joining us love! Also, I DIG your hair. It’s freaking hot stuff.

  7. Yeah, I feel like not matter what if you plan on the internet being mean, at least there won’t be any surprises?
    Your plants sound wonderful! My mum has two huge corner bay windows, and the whole area is dedicated to plants. I love it. It’s one of the reasons I’m so ready for spring – can’t wait to start planting again!

  8. I found purple shamrock bulbs but I want a mature regular, green shamrock. I love houseplants! I recently found a picture on pinterest and fell in love with it. They had taken cascading plants and hung them in front of their window and it was magical. I had to recreate it in my room. Since then, I’ve had to buy more plant stands because my plant collection just keeps growing. I have had kitties and housesplants before but I was a lucky one and my cats ignore the house plants.

    And Twitch… I am still nervous about it. I’m going to try and do it this month though. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching it because, well, the internet is mean and I don’t want to do something wrong, unknowingly. 😛

  9. I love having monthly goals! And posting them keeps me accountable, which is always nice. 🙂 I think you should go for it and stream something on Twitch!! And a shamrock plant would be so cute. I never have houseplants as my kitties always end up chomping them haha.

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