You guys. I’ve been so crazy busy that I -FORGOT- to write about my Geek Fuel box last month. Which is sad because it’s truly an amazing box … especially if you love chimichangas. Sadly, I still haven’t had time to watch Deadpool. I know, it’s terrible. I swear I’m going to make time to go see it. I just… don’t have time to make time to go see it. 




The exclusive T-shirt says “I <3 chimichangas” (I’m currently wearing it.) and came wrapped up like a chimichanga – I love that. 

The game is Elliot Quest – a fun 8-bit style game that came with a puzzle tin with sour candy in it. 

Shiny Winter Hat – which unfortunately won’t be much use to me in Alabama but I love it all the same. I’ve loved Firefly for a long time so I was especially excited to get this. I just need Alabama to get a freak winter storm so I can wear it. (PS it’s 80 degrees today. I don’t think my freak storm is going to happen anytime soon!) 

Deadpool Keychain/Pin Badge/Bottle Opener – I got the keychain. He is living on my keyring and it makes me happy every single time I see it. 

Geek Fuel Robot magnet – okay. I’ve said this before, I love the Geek Fuel Robot. I think he’s so cute. So, he now lives on my fridge and is holding the latest artwork from my littles. 

Retro Magazine variant cover – I love this cover! So, I was definitely excited to add it to my collection. 


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You guys don’t want to miss this! Stan Lee has teamed up with Geek Fuel – I cannot wait to see what it is! You don’t want to miss this months box! Sign up now. 


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    This looks like it was an awesome box 🙂

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