I love Christmas — too much, maybe. But nothing is more fun than waking up Christmas morning, especially if you have little ones. It is my favorite thing in the entire world. I also love getting Christmas cards and I love send them. So I signed up for a Blogger Card swap… and then I got kind of stressed out about it. However, now that I’ve purchased a ton of cute, glittery cards, I’m okay. Then I thought about how much fun it’d be to send cards to some of my readers! (Remember this post?) I love writing letters. I love connecting with people around the country and world. So, I’m opening up my holiday card list to my readers. If you’d like to receive a card from me, add your name to the form below.  — As a side note, make sure that you enter your address exactly as I should write it. I’ve ran into some issues with my The World Needs More Letters project where letters get sent back to me and I don’t have way to get in contact with people about their address. It makes me really sad. So, make sure it’s the way it should be written.



Are you sending out Christmas cards this year?


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  1. Yay!! All signed up. I do a swap on my blog as well – sending out Christmas cards (and snail mail in general) is the best! <3

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