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I’m featured over at GeekTak in my Poison Ivy cosplay. Go give it a like.

Check out this vintage barbie trunk I found today!

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I found this really awesome vintage Barbie Trunk — it’s from the 1960’s and there was a goldmine of vintage Barbie clothes inside! It was only $4.00 and it’s in great condition. I was SO pleased!

#foamglow #foamglow5k #foamglowrun #wishmeluck

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I had a blast at the Foam Glow 5k. My hair is still pink.

Hummingbird Wars 😍🐦

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I’ve been spending my morning watching the hummingbirds fight over the nectar.

Nessie! and ipsy! And arbonne! So much happy mail!

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I got my Nessie Ladle and some other happy mail. I’m in love!


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  1. It’s SO much fun. It’s glow under black light foam. So, you get sprayed with foam and then they have the blacklights throughout the course. SO MUCH FUN! and the pre-party was a blast. Literally!

  2. I’m in love. I keep setting her places she should be. Also, when there is a sink full of soapy water and a nessie head sticking out, it makes you gleeful!

  3. It actually felt so bare. It’s a corset top so my shoulders were completely exposed. And a lot of my back. Then that with the fact that I had just tights under basically a bikini bottom, I felt SO uncomfortable until I got used to it. I did love that one though. I’d like to do another version of her soon!

  4. I love the Poison Ivy costume! And I’ve never heard of Foam Glow runs but that looks fun (the foam part at least!)

  5. Yay for happy mail! And I absolutely love your Poison Ivy cosplay. Modest yet sultry.

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