Never, ever, ever let someone who you don’t know use your fancy DSLR camera. Or rather, never expect great pictures from a random using your camera to take a picture of you and your friend at his gallery exhibit. This will most certainly happen:

LtoR: Mom, Ed Deyo, Me

don’t we just look so lovely and blurry?!

I tried to explain that it was a fixed focal length lens and that she’d need to be closer to get a good picture. After she moved in closer, she tried to have it in manual focus and well, this is the result. She focused on the art instead of the faces. I then asked her to take another one, making sure it was on AUTO and in AUTO FOCUS and she stood too far away and took about 5 pictures that resemble the one above.

Now, to be far, I should’ve brought my kit lens and not my short lens… but still, I feel like it isn’t that hard, especially when the camera is in AUTO and AUTO FOCUS… and when the owner of the camera is saying, “You’ll have to move closer to get a good picture. No, that doesn’t zoom it in… Don’t move that button up. That puts it in manual focus. Yeah, that button takes the picture.” I just so rarely use my kit lens that I don’t bring it with me to events that I know aren’t going to need it. I’m not going to need to zoom in on anything at an art gallery. I wanted to take a good picture to celebrate my friend.

Anyway, here is the only “good” one of the three of us.

Ed Deyo
The piece my mom bought

Aside from not getting a nice picture of the three of us, it was a pretty fun event. I love and adore art and even thought about being an art historian for a long, long time.


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  1. Hah! I might! The picture looks really great up on her wall. Ed is a great artist and such a lovely person to be around.

  2. You just have a soft glow about you in real life don’t you 😉 I love the colours in that picture your mom bought

  3. I’m really sorry but I did a proper little laugh reading your reply back to me. Especially the “just take a picture…” part – I laugh because I can relate!

  4. I had it in auto everything. Auto focus, auto mode… she kept trying to switch it out of auto. Like, first of all, don’t touch the settings on my camera. Secondly, just take a picture for me! Ugh.

  5. When I was learning my DSLR this definitely happened a lot.. I baisically switched it into auto mode for while I was learning (and still do when I’m blogging a recipe process, hard to stir and take photos at the same time)

    At least they found which button takes the photo…

  6. I had this same thing happen….and I was using my kit lens on auto lol. He just wasn’t getting the concept of holding the button slightly down while it focuses, then you hear a beep, then push it all the way down. He just kept jamming down on it, so no focus. It was a bit of a disaster. Since then, I pretty much just don’t let anyone use it unless they’ve used a DSLR before!!

  7. I think auto mode is probably the best for someone who isn’t used to using a DSLR. I played with one once and had to stick to Auto in order to get half decent photos!

  8. Ari Carr

    My film-making friend loaned me his fancy DSLR for a comic convention I went to, but I didn’t really know how to use it that much and a lot of the photos turned out this way 🙁 I’m glad you had a nice time though!

  9. Awww. Whenever I hand my camera to anyone to take a photo I just stick it in auto mode for them. Then the camera can do all the work!

  10. Oh nooo! Unfortunately if I tried using your fancy camera the pictures probably would have turned out the same hahah. I don’t have a good camera yet but it’s on my “someday” list 😉

  11. Monica Lynn DeLapp

    You should still be an art historian. Also you’d be the bestest coolest art teacher ever.

  12. That’s such a shame! I’ve only used a DSLR a few times, and it definitely takes some getting used to. At least you had a great time at the event and were able to celebrate your friend.

  13. I have learned to never hand someone your DSLR too. Yikes! At least you were able to get one picture 🙂

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