SONY DSCHaha. I’m a dork and enjoyed doing that way too much. ^ but it’s kinda fun, right? No? … Yes. Yes it is.


First let’s recap on February Goals:

– Catch up and stay caught up on my bloglovin’ feed.  Failed. Well, I was caught up on it …and then about half way through the month, it just failed. I got sick. Life got busy. Blah blah blah.

– Get my inbox to zero.  I did this so hard! I kept my inbox cleaned up all month. Not just my blog one, either! My personal email is clean and clear! 

– Stream something on Twitch. Fail… with good reason. After doing lots of research on it, I really would need 2 screens to stream and play anything. So, for now it’s on the back burner until I can acquire another computer screen. Fortunately my computer CAN handle two screens… I just need to get one.

– Comment on other blogs more often. Success! I’ve been commenting more on other blogs regularly. 

– Organize Desk & My Desktop. Well, kind of. My desktop is cleaned up.. my desk is not. It’s currently covered in stuff because, well, puppy.


Life Goals:

– Sleep more regularly. Fail. So much fail. I’ve been sick and I have a puppy. Sleep is nonexistent.

– Drink more water. Success! I’ve been drinking more water everyday!

– Find a Shamrock plant. Success! I found a purple shamrock plant and I found a regular shamrock plant. I’ve bought the purple… now I’m going to back and the regular one. I love shamrocks so much!

– Take more pictures. Success. I missed a great opportunity to take a picture of a copperhead snake because I left my camera at home. I need to find a bag that I can use as a purse AND a camera bag. Anyone have any suggestions??

-Organize my books and clothing. Fail. I got some of it done but not as much as I’d have liked to get. Again, I’m going to blame it on sickness and puppy.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with my goals from February. I could’ve worked harder on some of them but I had some unexpected things in February. I got a puppy which is basically like having another kid. He was getting up every few hours but now he’s just getting up at 5:30 every day. House training him is going… okay. I would like him to be better at communicating that he needs to go out but I am not sure how he is going to do that. He can’t go up and down our stairs… so he’s kind of just stuck on whatever level I am on. We’re working on it though. He’s fine at night, which is an improvement! We also got snow in Alabama, something that I never thought I’d see. I thought when I left Utah I was going to be done with snow. Let me tell you, snow in Alabama IS different than Utah snow; only because Alabama doesn’t know how to handle it. I’d love for it to snow here like it does in Utah. Just dump a couple of feet on the ground and see what Alabama does.


March Goals

Blog more and get posts done in ADVANCE– I used to be so good at this and then I got lazy, I guess. I need to write more frequently and stay ahead of my game.

Comment on blogs more.

Be a better sponsor. I have spent a good amount of time growing my reader base and now I think I need to focus on growing my reader based AND introducing my readers to some of the great bloggers that I follow. I love my blog sponsors and they have some amazing blogs. I want so share their work more.

Post more pictures. Because pictures are awesome.

Plan my Blogiversary stuff! April is my blogiversary month! My baby is turning ONE! I am thinking of having giveaways, link ups and guest posts. If you have any ideas/want to participate let me know:


Life Goals:

Drink more water

Sleep better

Get my puppy house trained!


What are your goals this month? Do you happened to have any suggestions on purses that also work as camera bags for DSLR cameras? What about puppy house training tips? Let me know in the comments below!


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Monthly Goals


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  1. These are some great goals! You also reminded me of some of the things I need to get done such as looking into sponsorships with other bloggers and blogging in advance as well as get my dog house trained (the struggle is real)>

  2. I am with you on trying to comment on blogs more…I want and need to! I so enjoy reading other people’s blogs, but struggle finding the time to do it! Working on it though! As for camera bags that masquerade as purses, there are a lot of good companies out there that have those…check out Kelly Moore, Jo Totes, Epiphanie or Ketti bags. If you want to go higher end and get real leather, Shutterbag has some awesome bags and the owner is amazing with customer service! (I have a bit of an addiction to bags in general, and camera bags that look like purses fall right into my addiction, lol…if you have questions, just let me know! I own several of these brands, lol). Good luck with your March goals!

  3. My favorite goal on there is drink more water. I drink a ton of water but when I get super busy and I don’t man I can feel it. Water is so important!

  4. I just celebrated my blogiversary in Jan! Congrats to you! That’s so exciting! And having a puppy is definitely like having another kid. lol! I have a lot of trouble keeping up with my Bloglovin feed too. If I let it go for even a day, I start to feel a little overwhelmed.

  5. First off, Gratz in advance on your blogversery.
    Second. PUPPPY!!!! ♥
    It is awesome that you are keeping your email in check. I managed to get my blog email down. I have to tackle the personal email next. As for Bloglovin’ It can be tough depending on how many blogs you follow. I really need to organize mine. How did you keep up with yours?

  6. MarriednNaked

    Drink more water is one of my ongoing goals too. Never quite seem to get there. Still trying 🙂

  7. Keeping the inbox down to zero is TOUGH work! Funny how times changed and emails are no longer as “convenient” and “easy” as they used to be…

  8. I always get so backlogged with my Bloglovin’ feed…It’s kind of a problem. I’m trying to remember to comment on more blogs, because I need some internet friends! I’m transplanted in a new state (hubs is military), and I don’t really know anyone here. I need some virtual friends! lol

    I also need to drink more water. I drink copious amounts of coffee, but never seem to remember to drink water. *sigh*

    Great post!
    The Nerdy Redhead

  9. I do that all the time, so yes, totally fun! Ugh, my Bloglovin’ feed… I fall so far behind and there’s so much I want to read. Right now, it’s at 0, yay! Also, streaming is a goal of mine as well. Good luck finding a second monitor! I just want to review more games, anime, products, etc. Have more sponsors and do more for them. Blog more. Eat better. Exercise more. Be more spiritual. Stuff like that!

  10. Puppies are sooo much work! Charlie has brought a lot of
    happiness to the house though, so I’m okay with all the extra work. I am going
    to do some mad searching for a camera bag/purse this month. I need one

  11. It is nice because you can assess how you’re doing each month and it’s a lot more attainable, i think. Thanks for reading!

  12. Sounds like you did great overall! I can’t imagine the work of a puppy on top of kids…my hubs wants one and I’m like no thanks! I too absolutely need to find a bag that can double as purse/camera bag. That would be SO convenient!

  13. These are awesome goals! I definitely need to try and get my inbox to zero! It’s a little crazy in there.

  14. Shannon Peterson

    I seriously need to work on clearing out my inbox as well! It sounds like you had a pretty successful February 🙂

  15. Ooh, blog in advance and drink more water are goals I’m working on, too. And I love the idea of rewriting your goals each month!

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