I was recently contacted by eShakti.com and asked if I was interested in doing an honest review post in exchange for a custom dress. Of course, I was all over that! I have never had a custom tailored dress so I was kind of unsure of how hard it would be, especially because it’s all online and up to you to get your measurements. Fortunately the site is extremely informative on how to obtain the correct measurements. It also suggests to have someone else measure you – which is super helpful when it comes to your shoulders! Now, I am kind of busty, like a 32DD, so, it’s really hard for me to find button tops that don’t bust open or gap. I knew that I wanted to go with something like that, because, if I’m going for custom, I might as well get something that is hard for me to find, right? So, I measured (twice) and found this dress!  It’s customizable  down to the length and whether or not you want pockets. I was so sure that even though I had everything measured, it still wasn’t going to fit over my chest. However, it fits. It fits perfectly. It is hands down my favorite dress.


Funny story, I was wearing it on the 4th and we had company over. Apparently, they thought the dress was to “old” for me. Classic. I wear vintage (both authentic vintage and vintage style) dresses all the time. I have always been a fan of the pussy bow collar dresses and have never been able to find one in my size or find one that fits my chest. I had to jump on this one when I found it. It’s PURRFECT! (get it?)  It just made me laugh. I think it’s a pretty dress and clearly I have a different taste than most people but, in general, I think most would agree that it’s a great dress. It fits well and it’s a classy style.


Now, I thought I’d share some pictures from my 4th celebrations –


How was your fourth? Do you have any custom tailored clothing?


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  1. Thanks! They’re not all mine. Just Chanel and Trowa (first and last pictures)

    I love dresses too! I wear them multiple times a week. 😀

  2. That dress is GORGEOUS! It looks perfect on you! I love eShakti. I have an awesome dress I got from this a few years back. It has horses all over it. I could use another dress too because I looooooooooove dresses!!!!

    ps. your kids are so cute!!

  3. Personally, I’m a fan of the vintage/classic look, and you rock it so well! eShakti is such a great company, too. I got a skirt from them last year and it’s still one of my favorite things I own, hands down.

  4. That dress looks amazing on you! And your daughter is such a mini you! 🙂

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