It’s been about a month since I decided to switch from blogger to wordpress. I’m honestly surprised how much BETTER wordpress.org is! It looks better, it’s easier to use, and the best part of it is, my stats are up by at least 197% … Crazy, right? The numbers are going up every. single. day.

switch from blogger to wordpress

My blog is still a less than a year old, it’s still a baby.  So, any increase in views is great. So my numbers are still small but the increase is huge! The best part about making the switch from blogger to wordpress is that it was seriously so easy. It was an easy download, upload/install and bam, it was all there. Of course, the longest part of the switch was also breaking up with 1&1 and waiting for the DNS to update. I’m still tidying everything up and going through old posts, and editing the categories and tags and setting featured images – it’s a slow process but it’s worth it. I’ve seen an increase in my older posts as well as the new ones I’m posting. I am still kind of shocked that the numbers have gone up so much in the last month and here are my thoughts on why it’s up so much.


It looks more professional and is more streamlined. Blogger is great and I feel like a lot of bloggers can make the templates work for them but I know that since switching I get more compliments on my layout and theme than I ever did before. It looks and feels more like a “legit” blog and less like a personal blog. With both wordpress and blogger, I spent countless hours working on things, switching things around and making little tweaks. I have found that overall, the wordpress route is just better.


User Friendly

I think that the biggest issue my blogger blog was having is that it wasn’t very user friendly. The share buttons were weird, the comments were constantly wonky because of the app i was using. It was just hard to use. It wasn’t easy to share, it wasn’t easy to comment, and if we’re being honest, it wasn’t easy to look at. Now, it’s super easy to share and comment and it’s pretty! On blogger I was using Intense Debate, which I love on other people’s blogs, it just gave me so many issues. People wouldn’t use it and it’d erase any comments that had be published before then… It was just a really big pain in my ass. I’m using disqus on my blog now. It’s easily a million times easier to use and I have had ZERO issues with it. The amount of reader engagement is definitely up. I can tell by the number of comments and the amount of shares I am getting.



Not that I wasn’t proud of my blog before the switch but, I’m super proud of it now. I am more likely to engage with randoms about my blog and I leave more comments and I network a lot more now because I am proud of my blog. Not only is it pretty but, I want to put more time and effort into my blog. It definitely shows in the numbers. It should also be noted that I was having some issues with my bloglovin feed/RSS feed before this. People weren’t seeing my new posts unless they were coming to my blog. It was strange. Since discovering that, I am more consistent about checking my RSS feed and making sure that things are updating correctly because the decrease in November/December was almost heartbreaking.



Have you made the switch from blogger to wordpress? What are your thoughts on it?



Heather is a 29 year old Social Media specialist that enjoys writing, reading, video games, and nerdy things in general. She has two children, 3 dogs, and a handful of chickens. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Tolkien, and the Harry Potter universe.


  1. This one’s tough for me. WP has much better looking templates, I think we can all agree on that. And because it’s currently “hot” it’s just much better developed with widgets and other quality of life improvements.

    But the Blogger free-to-develop-and-use ideals have their charms to me. Also, if I’d want to use WP, I’d have to pay for it. I don’t want adds and I haven’t found a template that fits my needs, so I’d probably have to buy that, too.

    What I’m curious about (and you probably know the answer): is it possible to customize your blog’s look using html/CSS to the same extent on WP as on Blogger?

  2. But hey, look at it this way, you’ve lived and learned now and passing on the wisdom.

  3. See, I should have done a lot more research before I started my blog. I think if I had, I would have used wordpress from the get go.

  4. Excellent! WP is great. I was so biased at first because it seems more complicated than blogger but i’ve been so happy with the switch!

  5. Blogger is easier to set up. Wordress you have to decide between wordpress.com or wordpress.org (.org is the self-hosted route, which is what I do). Blogger doesn’t block things like passionfruit ads/adsense/etc whereas wordpress.COM does. If you self-host with wordpress.org you can have ads. Honestly, I think overall wordpress is a better platform – even if you’re going to go with .com for awhile. I personally think that it looks cleaner and more professional. If you can, I’d self-host. You’ll get so many more options. It kind of depends on where you want your blog to go! You can’t really go wrong either way. The best advice would be try BOTH out before you decide that way you’re not making the switch later down the road, like I did.

    As far as blogging goes; blog about what you love and find your “tribe”. It might take awhile, but you’ll get there. You should find blogging groups either on facebook or google + or both and be an active member in them. Be consistent and authentic!

    Like I said, my blog is still less than a year old, so I’m still finding my way in the world. I’m always willing to help out other bloggers though. If you have any questions you can shoot me an email at contact@thenerdyfox.com 😀

  6. Heather, what words of advice would you give for someone who is new to blogging AND WordPress vs. Blogger?

  7. Kelly Kiser

    🙂 Different is best way to say it. 🙂 I understand how blogger works better then wordpress but both are fun use. It is the content ideas that can be hard to come up with, if you know what I mean. 😉 ♥

  8. Nataliya Bogdanets

    +1 vote fro WP. I really wish more people would realize that WordPress is better. No offense to those who use Blogger. It’s all about preference. I’ve been using WordPress for a year, so I’m kind of biased. It is a dream come true for not very computer literate users like me. Besides, I made use of the tool http://goo.gl/a0jDmT and have zero regrets. All my WP pages are now working as they should.

  9. Congrats on the move!

    I’ve been a WordPress girl from day nought. Waaay back in the day I tinkered around with grey matter and moveable type, but WordPress has always been my perfect blogging platform. Glad you made the move and it’s been good for you!

  10. I didn’t have any problems with it. It’s easy to do whether you self host or go with wordpress.com. The best thing to do is watch some youtube tutorials on it!

  11. I googled tutorials and things of that sort before doing the switch and it made it easier. Thanks for reading!

  12. I had blogger for awhile, but it’s just so hard to find blogs and they never fix their glitches or respond to emails about said glitches. I recommend WordPress to any friends who are considering blogging.

  13. Going back to Blogger is not even on my radar ha ha! I have not found one thing that I do not like about WordPress either, it’s nice 🙂

  14. Kelly Kiser

    I currently have both platforms as blogs. WordPress in my personal blog and blogger is geared towards my business. I like them both.

  15. I tried making the switch once, but got too overwhelmed. I really need to look into it though because I know eventually I’ll want to switch over.

  16. I was SO nervous to switch to .org but it’s surprisingly easy and SO worth it! Good luck with the switch!

  17. The perks of blogger is that it is really user-friendly. I used blogger for YEARS on other blogs before I made the switch to wordpress. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  18. It’s the best, huh?? I can’t imagine going back to blogger after using wordpress. Plugins are the best! I really can’t think of a thing about wordpress that I don’t enjoy using.

  19. Thanks so much Heather!! I gotta say, I’m pretty happy with it! We’ll see how long until I go stir crazy again haha. 😀

  20. I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress last June and I am so glad I did! I love everything about WordPress so far, especially all of the neat plugins and how much you can customize your layout. So far I haven’t found any reason to even think about going back to Blogger.

  21. This is such a useful post. I’d definitely consider switching to wordpress, but I find blogger so easy to use and it’s perfect for my needs. I don’t think I’m quite talented enough to make the switch myself!

    Katie <3

  22. Wow, that’s fantastic that your stats are doing so well! Very impressive. I’m currently on wp.com, but will be making the switch to .org this spring!

  23. Blogger is okay and I know a lot of bloggers that make it work, but wordpress is just better. Good call on staying put.

  24. the self-hosted wordpress is amazing! Fortunately, you don’t need to know a lot about web design to do it. 🙂

  25. I just made the switch, and now that the kinks are worked out, I’m loving it! I rarely check my stats, but I’m pretty sure they are teeny tiny even though my blog is a year and a half old! But that’s okay – it’s only in the past few months that I’ve really become comfortable with my blog, and now that I’m all self-hosted I love it even more! 🙂

  26. I love WP. Whenever people ask about which blogging platform to use, I always recommend it!

  27. I’m on WordPress.com right now, and I’ve toyed with switching over to a self-hosted WordPress. Before I do anything, though, I want to get a better handle on web design so I can be a bit more self-reliant when I set everything up.

  28. I’m on WordPress, and a year ago, I thought about converting it to Blogger. I’m so glad to hear I stayed put. 🙂

  29. I switched from blogger to wordpress about 6 months ago and I love it!! It was a hard switch for me because I insisted on doing it all myself but I’m so glad that I did. I have a better understand of how things work and when I want to fix or tweak something, I know where to go to do it. I love how clean and crisp your blog looks!

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