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So, I’ve never actually done a shopping haul post but I’m pretty excited about everything that I got yesterday. And I apologize in advance for the pictures – I took them with my phone instead of my big camera, on my bed because my lightbox is downstairs in the soap room with soap in it. So, I have to make due with what I have. You understand.


First, we went to the mall to go to Rainbow and Victoria’s Secret. First up is the stuff I got from Rainbow –



This cute little dragon hoodie was only $5. Of course I had to have it. It’s a dragon AND a hoodie. My favorite things!


This devil monster hoodie was also only $5 and it’s pretty stinkin’ cute, too! rainbow3 rainbow4

I’m always looking for big earrings. i had my ears gauged to a 00g and have since taken them out. They’ve shrunk down quite a bit but still aren’t totally normal size and probably won’t ever be (Think before you gauge, kiddies!) so I have to wear big earrings that won’t slip through the hole. I found two sets that were buy one get one 50% off and they’re all perfect! I also found some clearance ballet flats for $5 – seriously, Rainbow has the best clearance sales. I love it. 

Victoria’s Secret is currently having their 5/$27.40 on panties sale. I also got a coupon to get 7 for $27.50 while I was there yesterday so I’ll probably be going back. Also, VS is currently doing their secret rewards cards. It’s worth at least $10 and you can get them by shopping at the store OR by mailing in a request for one. (You can get one a day for like 29 days. So, if you’re really crazy, like me, you can send one off everyday and have at least 29 cards worth at least $10 each. If you’re bored and want to get some free swag from Victoria’s Secret!)


The last place I went was Target. Thanks to ShopKicks and ibotta it was a lot of fun. My nail polish remover ended up being $0.56/each thanks to a cartwheel deal and a catalina coupon I had. My essie polish was part of an Ibotta deal – I had been eyeballing that color for awhile now and finally decided to get it. The cute Russian nesting doll socks were only $1.50! I love socks and I love them even more when they’re that cheap! Plus, more panties…. because, Star Wars!



That’s my first shopping haul post. What do you think? What should I include next time I do one (should I even do another one?!) Let me know below!



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  1. Oh dang! Hate it when that happens. Maybe you can combine it with another color in layers and make it better!

  2. Confession: I’m not in love with the green polish. I put it on yesterday and it’s just okay. It’s definitely springy but I’m just not loving it.

  3. So, I’ll be super honest, Rainbow is always kind of sketchy. But! They’re super cheap and have cute clothing. It’s kind of a trade off, I guess. Luckily ours is in the mall so it’s not TOO bad to go into. It’s jam-packed with clothing and sometimes it’s hard to really look. But seriously, you can’t beat $5 hoodies.

  4. Haha, that’s funny. To be fair, I don’t know if I would want to use a bathroom at Rainbow. At least not any of the Rainbow’s around here!

  5. Those hoodies are sooo cute!!! Love that green nail polish too! Great finds/deals!

  6. Wow I need to check out Rainbow sometime, those hoodies!! We have one in my town but it’s really out of the way and in a sketchy part of town so I’ve never gone in, lol. I didn’t know they had such cute stuff, though!

  7. Shannon Paige

    Hah- those hoodies- so cute omg lol ! Funny story about rainbow…when i lived in queens my mom brought us after school once. She was shopping, I was little so I was waiting for her- and I really had to pee. They wouldn’t let me use their bathroom because it was employee’s only and my mom was not done shopping. My mom threw down her stuff and said she was boycotting rainbow and stuck to it to this day LOL *

  8. Danielle Knapp

    I have those Star Wars undies and I really want those socks! 🙂

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