make up trendsSo, I spend an embarassing amount of time watching makeup tutorials and researching makeup tips. I also kind of judge people based solely on their makeup. Here are some of the things that just drive me bonkers.

1. Winged eyeliner with NO mascara.

First of all, if you’re going to go through the trouble of doing winged eyeliner, put on some damned mascara! It’s so distracting to see beautiful winged mascara and then eyelashes with no mascara on them! Stop it!


2. Stop making your eyebrows look like sperm.





The sperm eyebrow is far too popular and far too ugly. Eyebrows shouldn’t look like this. Ever. Stop drawing sperms on your face. Thanks. (also, you’re welcome, you’ll never be able to see this style of eyebrow without thinking of sperm.)










3.  Pretty much everything in this video:





I can’t handle these things ANYMORE! Stop doing them, please! PLEASE!


I can’t be the only one that has makeup pet peeves. What are yours??



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  1. I really hate the fake eyebrow look – not even just the sperm look haha. When it looks like you’ve drawn your eyebrows on with a marker…just no.

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