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Geek Fuel {June}


Well well well…. Things are finally starting to calm down for me around this crazy house. I’m starting to catch up on my blogs and am actually writing posts again! This one is long overdue but totally worth it. As we all know by now, I’m obsessed with Pokemon. (See: Right Arm, Tattoo, Pikachu.) And plants. OF COURSE THIS BOX WAS AMAZING! Pikachu, TMNT, AND A PLANT POT! Are you kidding me??? UGH! I’m so excited about it. 

Pokemon GO just came out, so I’ve been all about Pokemon. (I’m sorry to those of you that I’m friends with on Facebook. I can’t help it. I’m excited.) Nothing makes me happier than cute little Pikachu. So, of course, this shirt that we got this month. AMAZING! Also, side note, I’m at this awkward size where my chest is slightly too big for small t-shirts, and the rest of me is entirely too tiny for medium t-shirts. It’s a struggle, but I’m working through it because my nerdwear needs to be worn. 

And a Pikachu and Meowth temporary tattoo? Yes. This is the best. 

I didn’t get a picture of the planter before it was being used. It’s currently home to my snake plant starter. Wish it luck! (Side Story: Trowa, who is obsessed with Mario, has asked about a million times if my snake plant is going to turn into a Piranha plant.. I wish it was!) 


The rest of the box included: 

  • Sherlock Manga (A GeekFuel Exclusive!) 
  • Bit Evolution Steam Game 
  • Super Mario Ink Stamp (I got Luigi) 
  • Turtle Trainer stress ball (A GeekFuel Exclusive!) – Charlie has already tried to eat it. Twice…. Today. 

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My last side story: 


I’m helping mom blog! Make sure you follow her at @thenerdyfoxblog

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 Charlie was super helpful today. I also made him an instagram, because let’s be real, I’m obsessed with my dog. You can follow him if you’d like. He’ll probably give you kisses if you do. 

Geek Fuel {February}

You guys. I’ve been so crazy busy that I -FORGOT- to write about my Geek Fuel box last month. Which is sad because it’s truly an amazing box … especially if you love chimichangas. Sadly, I still haven’t had time to watch Deadpool. I know, it’s terrible. I swear I’m going to make time to go see it. I just… don’t have time to make time to go see it. 




The exclusive T-shirt says “I <3 chimichangas” (I’m currently wearing it.) and came wrapped up like a chimichanga – I love that. 

The game is Elliot Quest – a fun 8-bit style game that came with a puzzle tin with sour candy in it. 

Shiny Winter Hat – which unfortunately won’t be much use to me in Alabama but I love it all the same. I’ve loved Firefly for a long time so I was especially excited to get this. I just need Alabama to get a freak winter storm so I can wear it. (PS it’s 80 degrees today. I don’t think my freak storm is going to happen anytime soon!) 

Deadpool Keychain/Pin Badge/Bottle Opener – I got the keychain. He is living on my keyring and it makes me happy every single time I see it. 

Geek Fuel Robot magnet – okay. I’ve said this before, I love the Geek Fuel Robot. I think he’s so cute. So, he now lives on my fridge and is holding the latest artwork from my littles. 

Retro Magazine variant cover – I love this cover! So, I was definitely excited to add it to my collection. 


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You guys don’t want to miss this! Stan Lee has teamed up with Geek Fuel – I cannot wait to see what it is! You don’t want to miss this months box! Sign up now. 

Geek Fuel {December} Plus a Giveaway!

It’s that time of the month again, GEEK FUEL! (What were YOU thinking?)



December was a little crazy for everyone so I’m just getting this up. It was filled with Star Wars goodness, though.

  • The Knightmare Before Christmas Excluive T-shirt – A cute mashup of Jack Skellington and The Joker.
  • Devil’s Bluff -AND- Bloo Kid 2 Steam Downloads
  • Liquid Sabers Candy
  • Death Star Mold
  • BB-8 Eraser
  • 8-bit Gift Wrap
  • Vault Of Simpsonology Book
  • Geek Fuel Greeting Card
  • Star Wars Movie Ticket Giveaway


So, I’m going to be super honest in this post. I already ate the candy. And used the 8-bit wrap. And sent the greeting card. And the T-Shirt is in the massive pile of laundry that I’m doing today. I had these grandiose ideas of getting all my ducks in a row with a freshly cleaned shirt to take a picture of…. and here I am, writing this in my pajamas, drinking Dr. Pepper like it’s going out of style. It’s been a crazy month around here, I started a new job yesterday. I’m behind on life, it feels like. So, what I’m saying is, I don’t have pictures of everything. I’m sorry. I dropped the ball but it was all so cute that I couldn’t wait to use it! Please forgive me!

First, I’m super excited about the Death Star Mold because it’s silicone — which means I can use it FOR SOAP! Guys. I’m going to start selling DEATH STAR SOAPS! Do you even understand how awesome that is? Because it’s silicone I can use it for either glycerin OR lye soap. So, Whenever I have extra soap left over from batches, you better believe I’m going to be making some Death Stars… (Also, I have been doing the same thing with the Doctor Who and Avengers ice cube trays from Geek Fuel. Seriously, they’re supplying me with awesome things for my business. It’s legit)


See, that’s all I have left from this month’s box. Haha. I’m making soap later so I should have a picture of the death star soap up on instagram in the next couple of days!


Confession time – I don’t like The Simpson’s…. Blasphemy, right? I watched it growing up but I’m not crazy about it, like at all. So, I have this book that is just going to sit around my house doing nothing, collecting dust. I figured that maybe one of my readers would like to win it? Why not, right?  So, I’m giving away Bart Simpson’s Manual of Mischief. See the Rafflecopter below  —


a Rafflecopter giveaway





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January 2016 1 Flash Teaser January-2016-02-Resident-Evil-Teaser



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Geek Fuel {September}


Hello my lovely Geek Fuel Box! You know how I love and adore Geek Fuel? They’ve been such an amazing company to work with. They’ve featured me, they continue to grow, and they continue to have amazing boxes. September’s box was filled with things that I enjoy. This month included a Star Wars print (YAY FOR ME!), Doctor Who Ice Cube tray, Ares 3 Mission Button, Roche Fusion Game, Nail Wraps, Bob’s Burgers Comic, and a Bounty Hunter Shirt.


How cute are these?! I’m so excited to use them that I could barely stand waiting to take a picture of them.



This game is described as a “classic arcade-style space shooter game with a modern touch. If you enjoy explosions, you’ll really, really enjoy this game”   – I haven’t downloaded this game only because it’s Fall Break for the kiddies and I literally have no time for video games right now. It looks like blast though!


Bob’s Burgers!

Have you See The Martian yet? I haven’t. I am waiting to read the book before I watch it… Regardless, this pin is amazing and I’m excited to be adding it to my collection.


Overall, I’m pretty dang excited about this box. I love the shirt – follow me on instagram to see it! — and the nail wraps are amazing. The ice cube tray only makes 6 ice cubes at a time but they’re BIG so, it’s pretty awesome. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy finding a little TARDIS in their drink?


Geek Fuel has a fun quiz up right now – Which Star Wars Character Are You?  I got Luke Skywalker “You are headstrong, which leads you to being very courageous. Although you are a bit sensitive, you are always striving to keep the peace.”  Tell me who you got in the comments!

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Geek Fuel {August}

I know I said I was going to be more actively blogging… but life keeps getting in the way! Cheer has been taking over my life along with moving rooms around and changing things drastically in the house. It’s been crazy. That’s why it’s September 16th and I’m just getting around to posting about August’s Geek Fuel.



August had an exclusive Wolverine or Spiderman item – and I happened to get Wolverine. I’m super excited about that. I love Wolverine. The book is called, “The World According to Wolverine” and I plan on doing a more in-depth review of it because it’s AMAZING. Stay tuned!


I also got a Pocket Pop – Jake. Now, I have to admit something to you guys, and it might be nerd blasphemy, I have NEVER seen Adventure Time other than the time that my 8 year old tried to watch it and I said, “No freaking way!” and then dealt with the eye rolling and drama that is an 8 year old girl. I am not a huge tv watcher nor am I big into a lot of the new cartoons. Fortunately, I am keeping this for a birthday present for someone that actually enjoys Adventure Time.


TMNT Lollipop – This isn’t pictured. I ate it. No regrets.


Nuka Cola Currency – Is anyone else excited about Fallout? I am. This is a really awesome magnet that I am super obsessed with. It actually just makes me want to make a Fallout cosplay so I can some how incorporate Nuka Cola currency into it.


Aaru’s Awakening – Guys. This came with those snap fireworks. How cool is that? I’m sorry it’s a teleportation charge. 😉 Aaru’s Awakening is a 2D action game available on steam. It’s pretty!


Chimichanga Exclusive Tshirt – I have to be honest here, Deadpool is one of my favorites. He’s hilarious. I think because of the people that cosplay him, I love him even more.


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This month is going to have a licensed Doctor Who item —- Hopefully they send me Nine or Ten. Or Rose. Or the Tardis. Or Jack. I’d be happy with any or all of the above.


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Do you watch Doctor Who? Who is your favorite Doctor??