Shopping Haul


Shopping Haul

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So, I’ve never actually done a shopping haul post but I’m pretty excited about everything that I got yesterday. And I apologize in advance for the pictures – I took them with my phone instead of my big camera, on my bed because my lightbox is downstairs in the soap room with soap in it. So, I have to make due with what I have. You understand.


First, we went to the mall to go to Rainbow and Victoria’s Secret. First up is the stuff I got from Rainbow –



This cute little dragon hoodie was only $5. Of course I had to have it. It’s a dragon AND a hoodie. My favorite things!


This devil monster hoodie was also only $5 and it’s pretty stinkin’ cute, too! rainbow3 rainbow4

I’m always looking for big earrings. i had my ears gauged to a 00g and have since taken them out. They’ve shrunk down quite a bit but still aren’t totally normal size and probably won’t ever be (Think before you gauge, kiddies!) so I have to wear big earrings that won’t slip through the hole. I found two sets that were buy one get one 50% off and they’re all perfect! I also found some clearance ballet flats for $5 – seriously, Rainbow has the best clearance sales. I love it. 

Victoria’s Secret is currently having their 5/$27.40 on panties sale. I also got a coupon to get 7 for $27.50 while I was there yesterday so I’ll probably be going back. Also, VS is currently doing their secret rewards cards. It’s worth at least $10 and you can get them by shopping at the store OR by mailing in a request for one. (You can get one a day for like 29 days. So, if you’re really crazy, like me, you can send one off everyday and have at least 29 cards worth at least $10 each. If you’re bored and want to get some free swag from Victoria’s Secret!)


The last place I went was Target. Thanks to ShopKicks and ibotta it was a lot of fun. My nail polish remover ended up being $0.56/each thanks to a cartwheel deal and a catalina coupon I had. My essie polish was part of an Ibotta deal – I had been eyeballing that color for awhile now and finally decided to get it. The cute Russian nesting doll socks were only $1.50! I love socks and I love them even more when they’re that cheap! Plus, more panties…. because, Star Wars!



That’s my first shopping haul post. What do you think? What should I include next time I do one (should I even do another one?!) Let me know below!