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I had these amazing plans for my blog this week and let me tell you, it’s all gone to shit. Do you ever have one of those weeks that you’re just not feelin’ it? I’m having one of those years, it seems. We’ve been nothing but sick,all year. We’ve dealt with sickness after sickness.. and drama after drama… and i’m. so. over. it. ooooooooooooover it. 


So, Things I DON’T love Thursday. 


1. Ringworm, Stomach bugs, Coughs, Sniffles, Colds, and other bad germies. 

Let’s first talk about how ringworm is a common thing. I’ve never had to deal with it until now. It’s been HELL to get rid of. We have a bad case of the stomach bug going around (so far, only I’ve gotten it. Yayyyy me…) and Chanel is STILL coughing and has been for a month. I’ve taken her in to the doctor and they’ve just put her on 2 allergy medicines (seriously, guys, she’s taking after me a little too much.) I’m pretty much just over sickness. I’m done with it. 


2. Dramatic Friendships.

You guys remember when I mentioned my friend that like dropped off the face of the planet? Well, that came up in my life again today…. With a buttload more drama. I’m fine with not wanting to be friends with someone, what I’m not fine with is dropping off the face of the planet and leaving someone else to clean up your mess. Seriously. You’re older than I am, own up to your crap. I shouldn’t have to be getting phone calls asking if I know where you are because you apparently owe people money or you *gasp* stopped talking to someone. Ugh. Also, clearly if our friendship isn’t worth the time it takes to call me up and say, “Hey, I’m going to move to a different state. Let’s hang out before I go!” then, I’m obviously better off. BUT DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW UPSETTING THAT IS? I went from being a best friend to nothing. Who does that? 


3. Having to overly explain myself. 

Is this just me? Do you hate having to explain something, and explain something, and explain something until you want to scream? That’s what my life has been like that last week. 


4. Unanswered Questions and Stress 

The worst part about this one is I can’t fully explain it yet. I swearrrrrrr I will. I promise. I have things to tell you guys. It’ll be this month. But, i have to wait for something to be resolved before I can announce anything. (Again, no, I’m not pregnant. Don’t ask. I can’t have more babies. We all should know this by now.) But, I’m over the stress of it all, I really am. I need some mellow vibes in my life, that’s for dang sure. 


There you have it. My things I don’t love this week. I hope you’re having a better week than I am! Let me know by linking up below and leave me some comment love! 


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  1. gamerwife

    Sorry to hear about all the drama. And the stomach bug, dealing with that one myself right now, it sucks. Hopefully things start to get better soon. *hug*

  2. I hope the month calms down for you and you guys start feeling better right quick!

  3. Thank you, love! <3 It's already getting better – I wrote that Wednesday in the midst of the friend drama. Yesterday I got some great news! So, we're doing lots better!

  4. <3 Thanks! Yesterday GREATLY improved. I wrote this post Wednesday night, after a particularly horrible day. Thanks!

  5. Ugh. Dudette. HUGSSSSSSSSSS. Sorry you’re dealing with shitty things still 🙁

  6. I hope you feel better soon and that your week turns around!

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