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The Nerdy Fox

I got up this morning with ideas of what i was going to post for Things I Love Thursday and then I found out that Alan Rickman passed away. This week has been so hard! First we had Bowie pass away, at the age of 69, from cancer. And now my dear Potions professor, at the age of 69, from cancer.

So, I’m going to share some of my favorite Alan Rickman things:




because, I have to get you right in the feels…



Rest in Peace my dear Professor Snape. You taught us about potions, dark arts, unbreakable vows, how to control our emotions, and that love can last a life time. Always.

I’m deeply saddened that you didn’t make it to 80 and get to tell you family this. But, somehow I think that you did this anyway. You were an amazing actor and I know that you had a great love of the Harry Potter books. I’m glad that I got to grow up with the books and movies and that my childhood was influnenced by such amazing actors and actresses and an amazing writer. Thank you for being my Professor Snape, my Blue Caterpillar,  my Marvin, my Judge Turpin, and so many other great characters.

Now that we’re all crying. Here is the video that makes me laugh –

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What is your favorite memory of Alan Rickman? Let me know below. *grabs tissues*


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  1. I am SO sad that he’s gone. He was one of my big hold outs-I kept thinking “I’ll totally buy VIP for Salt Lake Comic Con if he comes… Now that dream will never happen. 🙁

  2. Clare Speer

    He was such a wonderful actor… my favorite movie he was in was the first Die Hard!

  3. I still can’t believe Alan Rickman passed. It’s so sad. He was such a great actor. I think I’m going to watch Love Actually soon. Thank you for these great moments!

  4. We watched Galaxy Quest again tonight. Tomorrow I plan to watch Die Hard! I can’t believe he’s really gone.


  5. I think the biggest contribution Alan Rickman made as an actor (and advocate, and all-around great guy) is that he “made it big” in his first movie at age 41. That is OLD to start in Hollywood. And yet, his talent and keen eye and professionalism earned him great parts, large and small, commercial and artistic. He broke into an industry midway through life and rocked the hell out of it. As someone who is 34 and hit a career dead end, this will always inspire me.
    (also, yes, we all love Snape, but can we talk for a moment about his appearance in Galaxy Quest? He made me cry. With laughter.)

  6. Nicole Leith

    This was so devastating…especially knowing his quote about reading Harry Potter to his family when he is 80.

  7. I was so sad this morning to see the news about Alan. Not only was he amazing as Snape, but he was in so many other movies that I loved. Truly heartbreaking.

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