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The Nerdy Fox



This week I’m going to write about what I’m thankful for in a short and sweet little post.


I’m thankful for:

  • My Family – most of all my children. It might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done but each and every day, I’m thankful that they’re mine.
  • The chance to be around my family. For about 6 or so years, I didn’t live by my parents. It was really hard and I’m glad that I get to be close to them now.
  • My new friends. I hated Alabama for a long time. I’ve made some really amazing friends and that’s made a world of difference. I actually enjoy being here.
  • I’m thankful that I get to write and pursue my dreams. I have an etsy shop that is doing amazingly well, I have a blog that is doing great. These are things that I never thought I would accomplish simply because I’ve never been given the opportunity to actually pursue those dreams. I still want to write a book, and maybe someday I will. But for now, I have my blog and that’s more than enough. I always have wanted to make soap and have a shop with my mom. We’re half way there. Maybe someday we’ll be able to actually have a store front that it just filled with our soaps and bath products. But for now we have etsy and local markets and we’re doing so well. So I’m thankful and happy.
  • I’m thankful for my reader. Yes, all of them… even the ones that leave me mean comments. I read every single comment I get. I know who my regular readers are and I know who my trolls are. I’m thankful that I’m at a point in blogging where it doesn’t upset me as much to get a mean comment. I’m also thankful that despite the mean comments I’m flooded with nice things by my regular readers! Seriously, without you guys, my blog would be nothing. I’m planning on writing a lot more. Things in my life have calmed down. You’re awesome and I love you!
  • I’m thankful for Social Media. I know, crazy, huh? I love instagram. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Plus, I’ve met some really awesome people because of social media. So, yay!



That’s my short and sweet list. You can add your thankful list OR your TILT post below!

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Tell me what you’re thankful for in the comments below!


Heather is a 29 year old Social Media specialist that enjoys writing, reading, video games, and nerdy things in general. She has two children, 3 dogs, and a handful of chickens. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Tolkien, and the Harry Potter universe.


  1. I am definitely most thankful for my little family as well, which is Jen and our pets! I love your list! P.S. Social media, yessss! Tumblr especially, for me.

  2. Zoey Bear

    I am thankful for good health, a purposeful job, and finding others to connect with through social media. I live in a rural area too with no family so I can relate to you being grateful to be back home. I love your theme, and well I love all foxes of course.

    xoxo Pam and Zoey Bear

  3. Danielle Knapp

    Hope you had a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving 🙂

  4. Tamara Goyette

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope it was a wonderful day.

  5. Shann Eva

    Awesome! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for too…mostly my family. Hope you got to spend time with yours today too. 🙂

  6. It used to really bother me. Now I just kind of laugh at them and move on! People are so weird. I’m not sure what they hope to accomplish by leaving mean comments.

  7. Reading your wonderful list and wow…I can’t believe there are people who waste everyone’s time by leaving pointless mean comments! Just pay them no mind and keep on being yourself!

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