I’ve never been a big flowers and chocolate fan. I mean, I love chocolate and flowers (lilies, not roses. Never roses.) but I don’t like getting them on Valentine’s day. Is that weird? It might be weird. I just think that if you really love someone, there is a more original way to show them than by giving them roses and a box of chocolates. From now until VDay I’ll be sharing some themed gifts that hopefully inspire you for the geek in your life. Or you know, yourself if you’re alone on Singles Awareness Day. 😉  Since it’s never too early to start shopping for gifts, I thought we’d start with my favorite. Star Wars, for her. We really need to talk about Star Wars Episode VII because, I love it. Anyway, he is a list of my favorite Star Wars items that would surely make your Lady Geek’s day!




  1. Darth Vader Purse – $52.49 (currently on sale)
  2. I Love You/I Know Rings – $19.99
  3. Death Star Tea Infuser – $19.99
  4. BB-8 Earrings – $12.99
  5. BB-8 Necklace – $34.99
  6. BB-8 or Captain Phasma Purse – $52.49 (currently on sale)
  7. Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Ring or Bracelet – $49.99 or $64.99


What are your plans for VDay? Tell me in the comments! 


Heather is a 29 year old Social Media specialist that enjoys writing, reading, video games, and nerdy things in general. She has two children, 3 dogs, and a handful of chickens. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Tolkien, and the Harry Potter universe.


  1. Natalie Carlson Brown

    I agree on gifts being more personal for sure. These Star Wars gifts would make any fan happy. The purses are awesome!

  2. I really, really want those rings. And the BB8 charm! And, all of it actually. hahahaha.

  3. gamerwife

    My ex-husband and I had “I love you,” and “I know” engraved inside our wedding bands. Rick and I would have done it too if it wasn’t weird and creepy, so instead we have our fingerprints inside our rings.

  4. Ha, this is so fun! A couple years ago, I found one of those heart shaped candy boxes for my husband… but instead of the traditional red, it was RD-D2 decorated. He loved it! Maybe the Star Wars Valentines will have to continue this year!

  5. Jenn McClure

    I absolutely love all of this. Haha. Especially the BB-8 stuff (he’s my favorite character from this new movie). As of right now, I will be spending Valentine’s Day by myself, but that’s okay. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see what else you share.

    Love, Jenn

  6. Tamara Goyette

    Oh my goodness I need to share this with my sister so she can hint to her husband, so much perfection here!

  7. Caroline Vieyra

    I showed this to my husband as a rather blunt message lmao

  8. Danielle Knapp

    A Vader lightsaber bracket would definitely be amazing 🙂

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