Guys, it’s been almost two weeks since I finally got frustrated enough with 1&1 and decided to make the switch. So, why did I do it and how do I feel about 1&1?


If I’m being 100% completely honest here, which I try to be honest with you guys about everything, I went with 1&1 originally because I was broke. I was in the middle of a massive cross-country move and blogging was my way of staying sane. I wanted my own domain and 1&1 was offering it for $0.99. “Hell yeah, I’ll pay a dollar for my domain!” I thought. Don’t do this! DON’T DO IT!!

Between the random charges on my card for things that were supposed to be free and/or things that were canceled and the annoying downtime, I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to last until my renewal date (Which was in May) but I couldn’t do it anymore. My first issues began with them giving me this “free” service that wasn’t actually free. Now, had they said “money back guarantee” that would be one thing, but they said “free” and it was definitely NOT free. Obviously, I decided not to keep their “free” service, canceled, and expected my money back from a service I never actually used and, I know this is the crazy part, I expected not to get charged for it again. WRONG! Not only did I have to fight to get my money back, I got charged again for it, TWICE! Their excuse was that it was only “partial” canceled. First of all, WTF does that even mean? And Secondly, if I say that I want something canceled, I generally mean I want the entire service canceled. Not part of it and still pay for the entire “package”. I want it canceled. It took me three months to get that figured out. I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was an honest mistake and mistakes happen. That’s fine. But three months is a little excessive to get something fixed – especially when you’re charging me for a service I’ve canceled!

My other complaint was how often they were down. It was so constant. There were times when I’d go to check my email and it’d be down for whatever reason and I couldn’t check it because it couldn’t connect to their servers. Yes, this kind of thing happens, I understand that. When it happens weekly, that is an issue. Sometimes it’d be down the entire day. I need my domain email for things and if I am going to have trouble accessing it, I might as well not even bother having a domain email.

My last real complaint is how SLOW they are. Oh you want to delete/edit a subdomain? Guess what? It’s going to take at least 24 hours but probably more like 3 days. Oh you want to edit some setting? Cool, you can try but our servers might just go down in the middle of changing things up! GOOD LUCK! When I was hosting through Blogger, they made it extremely difficult to even get a BLOGGER up and running.

Honestly, I felt like they just wanted to charge you for every little service, or make it a pain to use their basic services, so you’ll upgrade in hopes of getting a better service. I never forked over the money to see if that were true, but if it’s anything like their basic services; it’s not worth my time.

Long story short: I’ve made the switch and have never been so happy about it! I will never work with 1&1 again and will be switching everything I have through them to somewhere else.


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